Cheats hack Cats Life code:facility, general, gold fish, super promote, game speed x10, increase star rating Cats Life Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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facility - use hack AHf9QvfkW
general - enter pass fNkcZBF5A
gold fish - mFKTrr7re
super promote - AV6vZjTYM
booster pack - P13FhTVc3
game speed x10 - L48wErWrC
Month Card x1 - sChe4N6Kl
upgrade - oMGOHwI9O
daily gift bag x10 - LmuVqdzdO
secret combination code - hyavTB1ud
off ad - Tnc33wZg3
increase star rating - xiGzSjl26
food - KkzGNFKzW
unlock territories - SmDq71FWH
premium pet - euMB0FnA4
promote - U47SUfncN
weekly box - aM9NnLLjf

Cats Life use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Day 1 of joining garden. I am your friendly guide. Let's build the best home for cats together. First, let's set up the dining area for cats to have meals. Increase rating by building more facilities to unlock more features in cat paradise. Oh great, our first guest has arrived. This cutie wants to earn donuts. Let's research it in the shop. Now you can tap on our quest to serve her Donuts. Sastified guests will leave gold fish as payment. Tap to collect.

Cats Life Hack Basics

Now, let's build a play area for cats to have fun with a scratching post. use promote to attract unit quests to the cafe. You can also tap super promote to get 5x attract effect for 2 mins. Increase our star rating by building more facilities. We're not getting many customers yet. Promote again to attract more quests. Make sure to serve food on time, or else they will leave in disappointment. These picky eaters won't be satisfied with the same food every time. Research more food variety to spice up our menu. Strike while the iron is hot. Promote now and let them try our new menu! You've done a great job so far. I believe you will build the best cat paradise. keep it up and move forward.

Hint & Tips

1. Better service brings higher star rating. That means to build more facilities and play more with our cats.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: facility, general, gold fish, super promote, game speed x10, increase star rating, food, unlock territories, premium pet
3. If you find manual promoting too much work, you can use super promote. More units, more profits.
4. The beach is now open. Go check it out! Pets will come here to relax and have fun. Let's build a sandcastle for them. The cats will surely love it. Food is important too! Add some cat food to attract cats to the beach.

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Cats Life Redeem gift code

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4. z2bSjAdmxUUTrVy
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