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Chainsaw Warrior use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Last night a major spatial warp appeared in Downtown New York. We sent in a squad. Result - a dozen corpses. Corpse-like creatures, bizarre shape changers and rats everywhere. We haven't recovered the bodies. Ok, that's that. You've got some people to meet. Come on! What you call 'ghosts' are beings from other dimensions, linking to ours through spatial warping. Such occurences rarely let through more than one or two. Conditions here aren't suited to them and they soon die. This time, they've come in force, directed by a greater power which provides energy and intelligence. The first squad reported facing a monstrous shadowy figure, a giant being of pure darkness. This "darkness" is emitting so much power, the whole of manhattan will soon be swallowed into the warp. The really bad news is that this will happen in a little over an hour's time. You're the only one who can stop darkness now. We all trust you to do your very best.

Chainsaw Warrior Hack Basics

Time to create chainsaw warrior. You will roll dice (refered to as D6) to generate his five core stats and then select his equipment for this desperate mission. Roll dice for endurance: this is to determine how well chainsaw warrior can resist zombie venom and radiation. The higher the number, the better. Roll dice for wounds - this determines how much combat damage unit can take. Hand to hand - indicates how get good at close combat hero is. Marksman skill - indicates how good a shot character is. Reflexes - determines how fast chainsaw warrior is at reacting to danger. Equipment points - how many points of equipment soldier has to select from. Weapons displaying lower stats are easier to hit with. You start with the laser lance equipped which you must take with you. Now you have created unit, it is time to temper him in battle. You have 0 minutes to save New York.

Hint & Tips

1. Electric items use yellow icon. C.A.T.S compatible items have red pattern icon. Press and hold any card to expand it and view it. Press again to remove it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: equipment points, recover HP, reroll, premium weapon, exclusive equipment, shield, multiplayer mode
3. There was no wandering zombie. You can use your equipment, or wait. Either action will take 30 seconds. Or you can just push on as time is tight.

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