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Charge of Legends Game story

Once upon a time A flood destroyed the world. With the High God Memnos was born His mother's body was transformed into a new land. Under the guidance of Memnos the remaining races established new homes on the new land. Thousands of years later the shadow of darkness gradually loomed and the heroes came into being under the call of the light of God. The enemy is attacking. Come and face him head-on! It seems that the enemy is not very strong. Let's give him a taste of what we can do. Let's deploy hero onto the battlefield. He may need a help. Now let's start a battle!

When a Hero's Energy is full, he/she can unleash the Ultimate Ability. Don't forget to give the new Hero a chance to fight! Mages have a long range. Putting them in the back row will be safer! Now let's take the enemy down with the power of magic! We continue to take on new enemies. Seems like we've got a new partner. Let's check it out. Wow, so his name is Sharte. We can level him up and make him even better! Hey! Here's another piece of gear. Let him put it on. That's wonderful! Our team is getting stronger! Don't forget about Chartee! Let's check out how awesome this Bestia ally is.

Charge of Legends Hack Basics trucos

Knell (Lv 1) - Unlashes a mighty blow against enemies in front. causing 350% attack damage and knocking them back. Lv 2: Skill now causes 450% attack damage.(Unlock at Lv 121) Lv 3: Skill now causes 550% attack damage.

Arrow of Filch (Lv 1) - Causes 110% attack damage to an enemy and steals 25% attack speed from another enemy for 6 sec. Lv 2: increases the attack speed stolen from target to 35% (Unlock at Lv 31). Lv 4: Increases damage to 150% of Attack.

Inspiration (Lv 1) - Inspires all teammates at the beginning of combat increasing Attack of hero and all teammates for 12 seconds. Lv 2: Restores energy of hero and all teammates by 40 points (Unlock at Lv 181). Lv 3: Increases energy restoration to 70 points of energy.

Fatal Attack (Lv1) Passive - Increases damage of normal attack by 20% and provides extra damage of 20% of attack to enemies with debuff. Lv 2: Increases energy restoration to 20 points of energy (Unlock at Lv 211). Lv 3: Increases the damage of normal attack to 30%.

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Weeping Candle Skana - A fire mage. Deals massive AoE damage and burns enemies over time with the Ultimate Ability.
Banshee of Doom - A water archer. The longer the battle, the stronger the bleeding effect.
Frost Bite - A water warrior. The fewer enemies, the more damage. Ultimate Ability ignores DEF.
Abyssal Python - A water tank. Knocks back and stons enemies in a small area with the Ultimate Ability.
Exquisite Glow - An earth archer. Attacks the enemy with the lowest HP with the Ultimate Ability.
Astrology Guru - An earth mage. Deals massive AoE damage with the Ultimate Ability.
Horn of Dawn - An earth warrior. Knocks down enemies.
Lurker - An air support. Excels at poisoning and debuffs.
Jungle Walker - An air warrior. Deals extra damage based on self current HP with the Ultimate Ability.
Blood Girl - An air tank. Possesses great survivability.
Gem Crafter - A fire support. Excels at healing and buffs.
Lady Stinger - A fire assassin. Teleports to the farthest enemy at battle start and deals damage.
Dawn Fairy - An air archer. Excels at attacking the enemy with the lowest HP.
Elf Singer - An air mage. Excels at healing and control.
Pioneer of Courage - A fire warrior. Knocks down enemies with the Ultimate Ability.
Guardian Knight - A fire tank. Reduces enemy ATK.
Vicious Warlock - A water support. Deals AoE damage and poisons and slows enemies.
Tidal Emissary - A water mage. Deals AoE damage and stuns enemies.
Alchemist - An earth support. Heals allies over time and adds buffs.
Royal Shield - Earth-type heroes. Can knock back enemies.
Metal Guardian - An earth tank. Stuns enemies for a short while.

Charge of Legends Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Speed-up Combat - Turn 2x speed for battle. Unlock Requirement - Reputation level reaches Lv 1 or Clear: Main story 2-8. Enemies in the capital have been exterminated. Let's check out the situation We've obtained a Secret Scroll and I know how to use it. Come with me now!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Charge of Legends cheat code - give: 100 summons, mythology, master, ordinary, activity point, friendship point, sweep ticket, afk 72h reward, equipment, gold coins, diamonds
3. Formation Aura has been activated! Dispatch same-element Heroes to increase strength.
4. Blacksmith - Various gear reinforcing functions. Class Guard - Various team enhancing functions.

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