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Chibi Island hack cheat code List

dynamite - use hack hIay8phYc
daily pack - enter pass zaERFtdQd
energy - dnZUXHjc2
speed up - G3AfsxYBS
booster pack - TPxJsQOKm
no ads - U1brHifxY
Month Card x1 - FXSWKQJIi
gold - taf15xh4W
daily gift bag x10 - 5fD464y3w
secret combination code - rEQDNu0U9
gems - lamdBMlSY
resources - neNb9lwPp
off ad - APqO2KhZT
upgrade - 94ZAi7U3r
level up - vgNbWehgy
unlock world map - 1Ikca0iaH
premium animal - RTd1slT8D

Chibi Island use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

We finally reached the mysterious island. The entire is shrouded in a thick fog! It's a bit creepy. The reason we arrived here was to uncover the mysteries of this island. We'll get ourselves set up, organize an expedition to the mysterious pyramid. We must cut through thorns if we want to move any further. Let's get back to the shore. Who knows, there might be more spiders around here, or something even worse. Before we set off to reach the mysterious pyramid, we should set ourselves up on the shore to make sure we have somewhere to rest between expeditions.

Chibi Island Hack Basics

Apparently, someone started to build a camp here, but then decided to leave it. Let's use it to our advantage. We should clear the area first. There seems to be an abandoned well over there. Let's see if we can use it. The well is dirty and damaged, but restoring it shouldn't be a problem. We just need some more resources. We already have the rocks. Let's gather clay and coal to repair and clean the well. Now that we have some water, we can set up a vegetable patch. We can try raising some food crops. You can speed up any production as well, to skip the wait time.

Hint & Tips

1. THe wheat we harvested from our vegetable patches is the perfect thing to feed our hens and get eggs from them.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: dynamite, energy, speed up, gold, gems, resources, off ad, unlock world map, premium animal, vip status
3. If you complete a few more deliveries, i'll give you some of really useful tools that will absolutely come in handy later.
4. I suggest that you build a cow barn and domesticate the local yaks so you can milk them.

Chibi Island Hack tools Version:


Chibi Island Redeem code - premium gift box

1. Pndu3OqUbbHVrll
2. 7NnzC3XMC2fgqqY
3. hv7eTSOxavnmwgF
4. dNOiJgTBwiIiblf
5. AojiLBmmHTsZxov
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