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Chimeraland Game story

When Primal first begun, there was a divine fire born from chaos. It watches the night and guards the day, and its name is Aurogon. Through Aurogon's breath, the universe was formed, the heavens and the earth was created, and all things were born. But Nakoa, Queen Mother, and Emperor Jun coveted Chimeraland. Together, they formed an alliance and vowed to bring down Aurogon. At the end of the fierce battle, Aurogon died. The Spirit Orb fell into the hands of the Emperor, while the Deathless Herb fell into the hands of the Queen. But Nakoa was left with nothing. In the blink of an eye, a thousand years passed. Now, a great war is brewing in Chimeraland again...
Carefully reading World Info:
Southern Chimeraland, also known as Southmount, it arose from Mount Braggart. Here, you'll find many famous mountains, wetlands and rare beasts.
Eastern Chimeraland, also known as Eastmount, it arose from the Fruisian Mountains. Here, you'll find many famous mountains, wetlands and rare beasts.
Western Li is located in the midle of Southmount, bordered by Reedrift to the north and Oceanbreath Sea to the south. It is a country with lots of plants, and lots of pine and poplar wood.

Chimeraland Hack Basics trucos

There are four continents in Chimeraland, namely Southmount, Westmount, Eastmount and the mysterious Central Island. There are lots of resources and feroclous beasts in Chimeraland, so you must tread carefully! Open the bundle to see what goodies you got from the Satchel the mysterious girl gave you! Weapons, Food and Medicine will automatically be assigned to hotkeys. You can also manually adjust your hotkeys to meet your needs. Weapons are divided into melee, ranged, and special. Everything has their strength and weaknesses. So keep trying different combinations and you may just become unstopable!

Chimeraland is rich in natural resources such as wood, gold, ores, fruits, vegetables, and beasts that can be obtained. Resources can be found based on the terrain and climate. Woodlands are full of fruit trees and beasts, snow mountains are full of dragon bones and giant sculptures, and the seaside is full of palm trees, fish and crabs. There are also many valuable ores hidden in different continents... You can obtain Golden Sands by panning which will surely come in handy later! Open world resources can be found all over, so let me explain how these resources replenish.

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Meditation can be used to connect to the world, train the mind and restore health. By continuing to Meditate you can recover HP. Complete clan quests, make clan dominations, and participate in Clan War to obtain clan rewards which can be exchanged for Sigil Essence! Equip your weapons in Hotkeys to switch weapons quickly when fighting! Let's learn to build a Camp first! You can use it to rest in and cook, and you'll never have to worry about going hungry or freezing again! You can't explore Chimeraland without a shelter of sorts, so craft a temp. Camp out in the open. (Placed Camps have a time limit, and it'll disappear once time's up). Build a temp camp outside of your Home's territory to teleport, cook wild game, and revive. Every revival at the Camp will deduct 200 HP from the Camp.

Click this button to glide. Pull right/left in the area to control your glide direction. Pushing forward to accelerate diving. Pulling back to slow down. No damage when landing in normal speed. Cooking is actually very simple. You just need to put the ingredients in a pot, stir fry, and you're done! Use the Camp fire to cook a delicacy. Choose different ingredients, then begin crafting. Organize your skill sequence and make use of chain bonuses to deal high damage.

Chimeraland Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. A good horse is vital when exploring the world, so let's for a ride! (After summoning your Mount, approach it). When riding a mount, a Dismount button will appear in the top right corner of the screen. Tap it to dismount.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Chimeraland cheat code - give: equipment, materials, pet, ring, mask, earrings, resources, increase stats, spirit orb, soul gem, gold coins, exclusive outfit, premium pack, treasure chest
3. Solo players can also challenge the Hunting Trial.
4. Use "Fuse" to craft a Spirit Base. Find the Spirit Base in your backpack, tap "Place", then choose your favourite spot to settle down! (You can always move it later).
5. The Spirit Base is the most important thing in this whole world. It is the key to building your Home. By placing a Spirit Base, you can always teleport back home when you're done exploring! Place the Spirit Orb onto the Spirit Base to gain more EXP. Ask Bella how to protect the Spirit Orb.
6. Switching to melee weapons recovers Stamina immediately! But switching too often rapidly will cause an adjustment period.
7. The Spirit Base teleport function can be found under Teleport in the Function tab. Tap the function tab and then tap Teleport. "Go Home" will be listed under Teleport.

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