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Game story

Roads need to be built to provide zones with buildings and city services. Larger roads allow faster travel and greater amounts of traffic. Roads with decoration produce less noise pollution. Use page up and page down to build elevated roads or tunnels. Draw a road over water to build a bridge. To change the road's type, try the upgrade tool: choose a road type and click on an existing road. Click on a one way road with the secondary mouse button to change its direction. use upgrade tool to fix destroyed roads. Tool booths must be connected to road in order to operate. All traffic driving through the toll must slow down at the booths and pay a fee to pass the toll. Fate price can be adjusted from toll booth building info panel.

Cities Skylines Hack Basics

Traffic routes info view - click on any piece of road, vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist or building to show routes. With vehicles and pedestrians, you see the route they are currently taking. For buildings and road pieces, the routes taken through or to an from the item are shown. This information can help you identify where vehicles at a traffic jam are coming from, or where you should build a public transport line to help pedestrians get to their destination faster. To adjust right of way and traffic lights, zoom into an intersection. An intersection with traffic lights cannot have right of way rules, but intersections with no lights can work a lot smoother with some right of way rules in place. With adjust road tab selected you can alter what is considered to be one road.

Hint & Tips

1. Electricity - power plants produce electricity for all your modern city's needs. Electricity will move from building to building over short distances, but to transfer electricity over greater distances, you will need to build power lines. When placing power lines, you can see the reach of electricity around the building's as light blue area. Connect these areas with power lines to move electricity between them. Power plants produce ground and/or noise pollution. When placing a power plant, the circular area around it tells you how far the pollution spreads.
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3. Water - connect the water pumps and drains with water pipes. Draw the water pipes under your city to provide buildings with a water and a sewer system. Note that the water pumps and drains need electricity to work. Water tanks store excess water and supply the city automatically when demand exceeds production. Make sure your water pumps are located a safe distance away from any drain pipes to prevent people from using contaminated water. During the winter, heating is required. Upgraded water pipes carry heat to buildings.
4. Zoning - Zones determine what kinds of buildings will spawn to the areas next to the roads. Areas indicated by a grey grid next to roads can be zoned using zoning tools. There are four different tools for zoning. Fill, marquee and small and large brush. Zone an area by clicking the primary mouse button on it. Hold down the button to adjust the square marquee size or continuously paint with a brush. Residential zones provide housing for the citizens. Commercial zones offer shopping and leisure opportunities for the citizens and tourists. Industry and office zones provide jobs for the citizens and produce goods for the commercial zones to sell.

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