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This game is a work of fiction. All people, events, organizations, locations, items, etc. depicted hrein are fictional. Any similarities to real life are entirely coincidental and unintentional.
In the year 20XX golfer's minds were blown when new rules were introduced. Never did anyone imagine, rounds would be played as a team, one person per hole. Golf had become about assembling...the best. To start, four golfers will be dispatched to your team. They're greener than the green, but with training they can be victorious. This world is full of excellent golfers. You'll need to travel to courses around the globe, challenging and recruiting players for your team. How awesome can you make your team?

CLAP HANZ GOLF Hack Basics trucos

I'll be your golf guru for the game. It's going to be great! Welcome to Tour Mode! Here, you play matches that appear on the map to raise your tour rank, unlock new characters, and train characters to strengthen your team. By winning battles or by winning tournaments and raising your rank, you can unlock new characters and character colors. Characters get stronger whenever they're played. Also, ranking up unlocks more courses. Take a look at the map. Right now, two Tournaments are available. You get two stars per win. Select whichever match you want to play first. Any's fine!

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Here we have a three-hole tournament. Press the "Next" button to create a team. Drag the chacarter into a slot above. To speed things up, you can create a team by pressing the auto button. Looks like you've set your members, so hit Next to move on. How about we try a round?! To start, press Cart in the lower right. Before we begin, let's take a look at a video that covers the basics. Changing Directions - Touch and hold the screen, then drag your finger left or right. Change Cameras - To change cameras, double-tap the screen. Up/Down mones the camera forward/backward. Left/right changes stance direction. Pinch to zoom in, and stretch to zoom out. Double tap the screen to return to the original camera.

CLAP HANZ GOLF Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Starting Your Shot - Tap the screen to start your swing.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter CLAP HANZ GOLF cheat code - give: rune, SVIP, super pack, the chanter, diamond, lost crown, the prophet, gold, stardust, restore HP, legendary card, artifact
3. Adjusting Power - The length of the drag determines the amount of power.
4. Shot Direction - With the power set, flick in the direction you want to shoot.
5. Sidespin - To add sidespin, move left or right of your starting position.
6. The grains on the grid go from high to low. Speed varies according to the steepness of the slope. Grains move towards the front.
7. Changing Direction - Touch and hold the screen, then drag your finger left or right.

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