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diamonds - use ZU5Yx5FiA
vip - 1u3x2o2wt
secret combination - 9h4SXuYUN
speed up - xBM0kIkf9
double rewards - Y1fugPiyq
key - VRopbJ47m
off ad - wQu0DuaEN
card pack - LZWrMM4CG
gold - sDKAz3UGq
admin panel - dCFLQtJWr
king's bounty - qPavj4aR4
troops - use 8auRPZIbW
hero - l7HDtKH2w
avatar - VhegJ4kYx
spells - 1sOsX7Z0t
skins - UaIKEPzBi

Clash Of Avatars use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to a competitive strategy game! Our goal is to defeat the enemy's avatar. Commander, are you ready? Left side - this is the enemy territory. Our troops will need to break through the portal to reach their avatar.First, we need to defeat the troops coming from the barracks. The barracks will generate troops once every round. Go back to the base and check them out. The fight is intense. Enemies have reached our defense. There are many enemy units. We need to deploy troops with AoE attack. Drag the card 'retaliator' to this location. She can attack multiple units at the same time. Drag card to your base, and it will turn into a barracks. Tap the retaliator barracks to evolve it to tier 2.

Clash Of Avatars Hack Basics trucos

At the beginning of each round, troops will be automatically deployed and fight on their own. Coins are the most basic resource. You will earn coins every round. When you have enough coins, you may ascend your avatar. After ascending the avatar, you can build heroes. They are your most powerful combat units. Drag firebird to enemy location. Firebird is a ranged hero and has powerful attacks. Charge can make your units in the base quickly move out. Swipe the screen to monitor the battlefield.

enter cheat (Clash Of Avatars gift codes):
upgrade trucos - qLNizvjWT
level up - GGmj8EtqZ
daily pack - enter pass 72bPS54SZ
admin account - DpYwZTnJC
Month Card x1 - XclpdxdXx
booster pack - CTX07bnub
evolve - LeaRWwuzL
enhance - L9Y3iU2Ps
Our troops have breached the portal. Attack the enemy avatar now. Afer a victory, you will receive a league pack. Tap the 'open' button to open it with a key. Tap army, you will see all the combat units here. You can upgrade combat units to increase their power. Upgrading requires the corresponding troop card and gold. You now a few options. You may participate in level 1 league to play against other players, or army to check troops' details. All the best.

Clash Of Avatars Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. When you have 1000 power and 350 coins, you may ascend the avatar to tier 2. After avatar reaches tier 2, you can deploy heroes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: key, card pack, gold, king's bounty, diamond, troops, hero, avatar, spells, skins
3. At the end of a round, tap charge to allow your troops to quickly enter the battlefield.

Clash Of Avatars Hack tools Version:


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