Cheats hack Clash of Deity code:shards, legendary gear, game speed x10, quick battles, hi-summon, energy, epic heroes, diamonds Clash of Deity Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Clash of Deity hack cheat code List

legendary gear - use SqTth6i0c
off ads - jxb474kkU
secret combination - f4OnHtoSQ
game speed x10 - ZsOvImoEf
double rewards - lJWc7EXLV
shards - Tov0qdrlz
quick battles - Dmm7Z8xKr
hi-summon - SSwjJaqdT
starter package - FBYlpUv3k
admin panel - Yxsp4dXYV
diamonds - KwRBODKv2
energy - use t3IiIbCrI
epic heroes - 0tcK08Wfb

Clash of Deity use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Stage Boss spotted. We must defeat them to go to the next stage. Tap to go challenge. Continue tapping on hero's portrait to add the hero to the team. Tap battle to play the level. Attacking, killing an enemy, or being attacked will increase rage. When the rage is full, it can release an exclusive skill. Tap a hero's portrait to use its ultimate. We just acquired hero shard. Go to bag to perform hero merging. Tap in hero shard to begin merging. The enemy is getting stronger. We also need to increase our own power. Go to hero page to upgrade your hero now. Tap level up to improve your heroes' level and increase their stats so they will have more power.

Clash of Deity Hack Basics trucos

Tap gears to view heroes' gear slots. Gear can further increase the stats of the heroes to increase power. Craft gear to boost your power. Hero gear can largely increase the combat abilities of heroes. Formation: drag the hero in the team to change the position of heroes. Adjusting their position properly allows the hero to the more effective in battle. Tap to claim IDLE benefits. You can only accumulate up to 12 hour IDLE benefits, so don't forget to claim them.

enter cheat (Clash of Deity gift codes):
upgrade trucos - LuRTahgx0
level up - GNCoVibCB
daily pack - enter pass H4aFLXbLr
admin account - 8sL1MdauA
Month Card x1 - zCyU8hk1Z
booster pack - oxNLuu1at
evolve - R4MvntDvx
enhance - Y9avZkGLD
If you wish to quickly gain idling yield. Come and try out the quick battle. You can immediately gain idling yield of 2 hours with one simple tap. You have 1 free quick battle every day. Purchase quick battle privilege to unlock more free quick battles. You can gain higher level gear through forging. Consume 3 pieces of the same gear and a small amount of gold to gain gear that is one level higher. Continue to collect gear and forge it to grow even stronger. Through quick battles you have obtained some crystals and gears, you can continue to upgrade the heroes.

Clash of Deity Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Fast equip can immediately put on the strongest gears you have for your heroes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: shards, legendary gear, game speed x10, quick battles, hi-summon, energy, epic heroes, diamonds
3. The enemy ahead will only get stronger and stronger. If you wish a sure victory, we must continue summoning more to expand our hero units.
4. Each hero owns elemental attributes, and there are counter relationships between elements. When you deploy 2 or more heroes of the same element, you can get some extra bonus. The light and dark elements can be regarded as arbitrary elements, and the amount of light and dark in the battle can provide extra buffs to all allies.

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