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resources - use ASCofHH5Z
premium ship - YyHbWiswr
secret combination - WZ7GbHil9
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speed up - FNRyNqD81
off ad - KJUfaxMRh
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ore - YHKY5H6KC
admin panel - IRF5KsLlf
repair - qOVcGaXxd
event pack - use gyCmXjp5C
daily special offer - uqm8uKjoz
galaxy deluxe - use Fj08vbJVZ
props - yA0edGwLa
cash money - use I4zt6J7i6
crew - fux998gHs

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Game story

The battleship Perrande used the revolution line speed of the Apex Star and finished a beautiful gravitational move, trying to make up for the disadvantages of its conventional engine. However, what the Perrande really needs is combat power. After 3 days, the rescue ship searched for survivors and finally found the capitain's escape cabin. The biological body in the escape cabin has been damaged on a large scale. it must be sent to the medical cabin for treatment. Survivor, do you remember anything about the battleship you were? After the rebirth, the captain transferred the carrier based artificial intelligence of the Perrande to the new battleship.

Clash of Galaxy Infinite Warfare Hack Basics trucos

Ship Class: tornado - the basic frigate of the Third empire. Although it's poor in stability, its excellent armor and extremely efficient nuclear fusion reactor always allow them to successfully penetrate enemy defense. Motivation class - the frigate that is quite common to see in the merchant alliance. Its ample cargo store allows it to collect everything on the battlefield. Curious - the most mature frigate of the Federation of liberty, due to its exquisite design and excellent performance, it has made outstanding achievements in the battle of the merope Nebula.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - aEFC0AX84
level up - EqdAUEp4e
daily pack - enter pass Zph0oibho
admin account - Nk6sEF7Jr
Month Card x1 - Y5yV6Dwzm
booster pack - jYSpmjh4h
evolve - ZNHnMZeM0
enhance - nxkIuTDsw
Build mode: weapon - laser gun: small caliber cluster laser gun. It has higher attack speed and causes average damage. Power supply - cabin: the high-end cabin involving various functions. It's the power source of all on-ship equip. It provides power to all cabins. Now you have enough power. Level up your ship so you can unlock more cabins. Bridge - this on-ship commanding system has the highest access. It grants higher chance to Evacuate.

Clash of Galaxy Infinite Warfare Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The crew and cabin who edit the intelligent command will be very powerful!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resources, premium ship, weapons, speed up, vessel, ore, repair, galaxy deluxe, props, cash money
3. Battle: power of the ship will be shown by the gauge to the left. You can distribute power to the below cabins in combat. Crews are important. They can charge and repair the cabins, and fight against the enemy. Don't forget to level up and enhance them! Your enemy has assembled a weapon cabin! Watch out! The power cabin was hit, please repair it as soon as possible. Distribute power and eliminate your enemies. Low power? Level up the power cabin to solve this problem.
4. Remember, without electric power, all weapons of starship can't be used.
5. The store refreshes new items every other time. With the discovery of various planets, views on wealth have necessitated rewriting the principles of economics.

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