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Clash of Minions Game story

The distant continent of Petra is home to various races and their civilizations. Even though there are occasional skirmishes, life there is generally peaceful. When the demons arrived and defeated the races' armies, everything changed. The darkness corrupted Petra and those too slow to flee were transformed into mindless monsters. Petra's future was at risk. Under the guidance of Petra's World Scholar, the races sought out the dragons and united their armiac to ranel the darkness.

After countless days of fierce battle, the alliance managed to drive back the demons. The World Scholar expended al of his powers to seal the passage between Petra and the demons. Peace was restored to the lands. Many years have passed and the seal has weakened. With the threat of another demonic invasion, the World Scholar sets up a trial to prepare for the demons return.

Clash of Minions Hack Basics trucos

As the darkness lingered, the warriors from another world pushed on. The merchant in the Nightmare Dungeon is said to have many affordable items for sale. These soldiers have gone out of control, and are attacking nearby residents. We must stop them! Select and deploy Angie. Angie is a mage with high damage, but she needs her allies' protection. Deploy her behind ally Heroes. Tap to automatically cast Special Skill! Pierce is an excellent Fanged ranger. The arrows he fires can cause great area damage. Let me upgrade Pierce to unleash his full prowess, warrior! Explore and uncover treasures in Adventure. Tap on "Hero" to view your list of Heroes. Tap the portrait to view the Hero's detailed attributes. Tap or long press Level Up to upgrade Hero's level.

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You can get more Troops when your Heroes are at Lv 10. There are soldiers in the village ahead. Raising Hero Tiers is the most efficient way of clearing stages. 2x Speed has been unlocked. With 2x Speed, you can greatly reduce the time spent in battles. Join an Alliance and batte alongside like-minded friends. Deploying Troops of the same faction as the Hero to get an attribute bonus. The amount of troops you can deploy increases with the Heroes' levels. Let's deploy our first troops! Auto Progress reduces inputs, allowing you to focus on clearing stages. Each time Auto Progress is enabled, it will be active for 10 stages. Want to know the timits of your team? Chaltenge the Endless Trials. The monsters in the Nightmare Dungeon are tough, good use of Formations will be required to defeat them.

Clash of Minions Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Heroes deal additional damage with Faction Counters so deploy appropriate Heroes to make the battle easier.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Clash of Minions cheat code - give: summon x10, friendship points, legendary hero, action points, diamonds, gold, golden key, premium pack, vip status, shards, tickets, token, arena sword, soul crystal, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. Future battles will not be as simple. You will need to rely on your wits to emerge victorious. Sometimes you may encounter odd bounties but they can be very rewarding.
4. Powerful Heroes from various factions can be recruited from the Summon Shrine. You can deploy up to 10 Heroes in battle. Use Affinity to make the battles easier.
5. Challenge global players in the Arena and find out your true ability! Explore and uncover treasures in Adventure.
6. Commendation Chest automatically collects rewards for us. The more stages we clear, the grater the rewards. When you're unsure of what to do, tap here to check the main quests and claim rewards!
7. Unused Heroes can be used to upgrade Heroes and Pierce has met all conditions for an upgrade. Upgrade Heroes at the Divine Spring to raise their Tier by consuming Heroes that meet the criteria. Raising a Hero's Tier willc will greatly increase their attributes.
8. Add more friends to send and receive Friendship Points for the Friendship Summon. Tap "Manage Friends" to add more friends!

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