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Clash of Starships Game story

General, almost done with the evacuation of civilians. Now we need a rearguard fleet to stall the enemy. Send the Fourth Fleet on the defensive and prepare to launch warp-transition attack! We are facing mysterious invaders intruding our homeland. We will guard our home with all our strength. Here comes the war, here comes the battle. Prepare yourself for a full-scale outbreak of war! Please select the faction you wish to join. Every faction will welcome a new commander like you with open arms. You will be a rising star for now on. Tap on the map to select a faction, then select next step to continue.
Mizild - The Mizildians are born with unususal intelligence. This kind of intelligence helps to shape the calm and arrogant character of Mizildians, as well as their xenophobia. However, Mizildians respect any powerful being. Nobody else can surpass their understanding in Xstal, which is the reason why they have a foothold in the Magna Galaxy.
Caldari - The Caldarian value freedom over anything else. They used to be oppressed, but they did not yield to this world. Led by a determined leader, they devote themselves to studying Xstal's influence on human body and starship modification. After difficult and spectacular fights, they finally become a dominating power in Magna Galaxy.
Mahamud - It seems like the Mahamudian have been there since the beginning of the universe. They have a long history and a vast border. The Mahamudian also give off a vibe that they are hamless yet dangerous. They love peace but they are not afraid of using violence to back it up. Their regular military drills have shown their mighty military strength to everyone.

Clash of Starships Hack Basics trucos

Commander, we lost 87.9% of our standing fleet in the last battle. We must rebuild the unit to find the former glory! This is our frontline base. Commander, you should lead us into battle at this. We shall enter the training program next to ensure the commander's tactical acumen. Yes, according to the report, we are running low on every type of resources. But we cannot give up on hope yet. Come, let's start rebuilding our troops from the basic. There are free starship build attempts daily. Please tap on [Research] and go build some starships to start the first step of our conquest.
Please tap on [Build] to acquire starships. You will receive an additional free build once in a while. Ares - Deal 220% damage to the target an d all other units on the horizontal row. By a 10% chance, lock each target's Ultimate Skill for 6 seconds. You have acquired a brand new starship. The fleet's strength has been improved, now let's leave this place. Please tap on the button on the top left to return to the main menu. Although your strength has improved, the enemy's threat is still expanding. Please tap on [Campaign]. You can see the possible trophy drop from the enemy. Tap on Battle to start engaging the enemy.

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Complete daily missions to obtain ample rewards. [Daily Quest] will grant you ample EXP rewards, which is very helpful if you wish to level up faster. Tap here to fight in 2x speed. This will allow you to clear stager quicker.
Battleship attacks with laser. It attacks the target and all other targets on the same row.
To meet the future challenges, we must continue to power up our starships, please tap on Starship.
Select the starship Module to upgrade and raise the starship's stats. Plese tap on Module button. Though tapping on item icon, the commander may search the drop source of the item. To be redirected to the related stage directly, please tap on utem icon.
You can obtain the materials required for the advancement quickly this way. Let's get started, commander.

Clash of Starships Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Cruiser attacks with medium missile. It attacks the target and the units on the top and the bottom, 3 targets in total. The starship features different skills. Make sure to match with the correct starship for an effortless battle. When you don't have sufficient upgrade materials, please use this function to search for materials. You have successfully acquired materials from the enemy. Let's continue to upgrade the starship. Please tap on Advance.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Clash of Starships cheat code - give: research build x10, title, premium SSR starship, tech, unlimited fuel, resources, stars, milestone, raid x10, build token, material chest, starcoin, advance build token, xstal, deluxe build pack
3. When all parts are upgraded, you may tap on advance button to greatly raise the starship's stats. As a good commander, you must learn about the system of various starships. Tap on the starship description to view the difference of various starships. Starship Description - You may check the starship types here.
4. Deploy the Battleship in the front row to absorb the enemy fire power and protect the starship in the rear row.
5. After modification, the starship's base stats and stats growth rate will be greatly boosted, enhancing the power greatly. After the starship is deployed, the cost will also change. Please note that you will no longer be able to deploy starships when the used cost exceeds the limit. There are the cost value of various types of starship. You may check them at any time to ensure a perfect setup for your fleet.

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