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exclusive outfit - use HIyLays87
energy - xyVSIqTEh
secret combination - tn7kER3Ri
premium card - 06ouJLda4
double rewards - CENxJu1uG
restore HP - zZDvIid5G
off ads - h7tWksYCA
combo - baIkNCFHU
weapon - 6ddFHAqcp
admin panel - Kf2bVbIst
equipment - R7DuVSiVa

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

You've trained hard for the last six months to get to the All valley tournament. You know what to do. In battle the best defense is more offense. Take enemy down with the axe kick. Your fighters will learn many karate moves. This axe kick is a powerful karate move that delivers a lot of damage to your opponent. Choose two more moves for first round. A kick, a grab and a punch. These are three powerful karate moves. But powerful moves like that take a lot of energy to pull off. Each card you play costs energy. You can manage your energy levels this round to play more powerful cards the next round. Energy recovers each round, but you can also play wildcard to regain energy faster.

Cobra Kai Hack Basics trucos

As you train, your fighters will unlock more wildcards with special features. Play a health wildcard to increase your health. You can also conserve energy by playing fewer than three cards for a tactical advantage the next round. Each fighter recovers 5 energy each round, but energy wildcards also boost your energy levels. You took a hit kid, but your opponent is much worse shape. If you match three fight cards of the same color, the final card receives a damage multiplier - a body Slam, the super Elbow and a devastating Windmill kick.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - l6h6xav3U
level up - BDUUnkEkr
daily pack - enter pass BDUUnkEkr
admin account - lAVIRpst0
Month Card x1 - AOwi8PmOi
booster pack - wHTXWDl29
evolve - ify5geibm
enhance - wkFytfoX8
In AI practice mode you fight against AI opponent only, which is ideal for testing decks. Students will not gain XP after a fight. Each fighter has their own specialty combo of three moves that grant them a hit bonus. To see the combo, tap on the fighter avatar. Here you can see the information about each player, your student's specialty combo, and the type of fight cards you have in their deck. As a last resort, you can swipe left on a card to discard it and gain half its energy.

Cobra Kai Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Play the fight moves in the correct order to get the specialty combo bonus. Tap and hold a card to check its specific info.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: exclusive outfit, energy, premium card, restore HP, admin panel, combo, secret combination
3. Some wildcards have lasting effects. When they're played an icon appears on the screen.
4. The opponent can play cards that affet your strategy too! You can tap and hold over an affect icon in the screen to see its info.

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