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first pact - use GsJ3Jte44
off ads - LRYSjF1MI
secret combination - X4JQiGPia
summon x10 - Y34SLPy94
double rewards - y21YHaB0Y
redemption code - bhL2sNz9V
premium pack - u5CW5IQ8u
soul bundle - oQU0VB9xq
Code Atma hack starter package - VD37lWjb6
admin panel - HLteZCxmK
evolve materials - RuIbSucV6
speed up - enter Nq76OVnQ3
diamonds - k7sSaQcL7
5 stars hero - use 4lZ87BgKn
vip status - mSr5ce6vo
starter pack - oIxoaa5RR
promote - enter STcPhPIDP
gift box - nhm1EVj4V
gear - oBrkHu1lE

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Code Atma Game story

Aura Reading Required - Tap this button to allow aura reading. By doing this, you have read, understood. and agreed to our Terms & Conditions. There are new things in the prologue and your campaign progress will be reset. All items you own will be returned to your inbox after resetting. Tap your Atma and bring them to the battlefield! Atma get additional 30% ATK up against certain elements. Tap Attack to start the battle! The blue bar below your Atma indicates their Energy. Once full, you'll be able to use your Atma Active Skill. String together Atma's skills to craft a combo! You can see Atma's skill in battle by press-holding their icon! Try tapping Hanuman's passive skill. Swift Crit - When this Atma gets the SPD UP buff, give 60% CRT UP buff for 2 rounds.

Code Atma Hack Basics trucos

It seems Hanuman's passive skill powers him up whenever he gets SPD Up buff! Pocong is suitable to be Hanuman's partner. Press-hold Pocong's icon to see what her skill say. Pilfer Speed - Deal 90% damage to all foes in the front row. Then, give 50 SPD UP buff to all allies in the same row for 2 rounds. Her active skill grants SPD Up buff to her allies, the puzzle piece we need! Tap to summon Pocong in to battle. Drag Pocong and position her in the back row. Positioning is critical in battle; Atma in the front row will get attacked first by enemies. Tap to unleash Pocong's active skill and see where the combo goes! This notification means a combo is triggered; Pocong's SPD Up buff activaqtes Hanuman's passive skill and empowers him greatly.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - vhMyO98C2
level up code - dUH2u73Ml
daily pack Code Atma cheat - enter pass 0jwYIW7Iu
admin account - JZOOJHu2H
Month Card x1 - rhpUWDrP9
booster pack - LYuNK3Qz9
evolve - A0SuXj5YO
enhance - QWvuRggP5
Combos can be chained longer and are the bread-and-butter of powerful teams. Utilize them at all times! Now let's see Hanuman's critical attack in action! Since the dawn of time, the thirst for knowledge has been an irreplaceable part of our conscience. Souls formed and gave birth to entities beyond our understanding. Granting them authorities to protect or creates chaos. Those begins were worshipped, detested, or even scorned while existing amidst our daily lives. Some people called them angels, ghosts, devils, or Gods. They are also known with a name older than any languages...Atma. On the rooftop of an apartment, a woman stood on the edge of the building by herself. Inviting passerby and building resident's attention.

Code Atma Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Once you set foot inside, mysterious cold air blew onto your face. You find it hard to breathe with the freezing breeze blowing. Something dangerous is coming.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Code Atma cheat code - give: summon x10, first pact, speed up, redemption code, diamonds, soul bundle, premium pack, evolve materials, 5 stars hero, promote, gear, weapons, vip status, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. Even when you are idle, your Atma will still fight and gather idle income for you. Tap the chest and claim idle income your Atma have been gathered.
4. Prizes from the chest will be filled automatically and used as your main source of income to strengthen your Atma.
5. Tap the Level Up button and strengthen your Atma. You can also hold the button to keep leveling up. You can also check your Atma's skills on this screen by tapping the skill icon.
6. The x1 button can be used to speed up the battle, and the Auto button can be used to let your Atma automatically use their active skill once it's ready. Enabling x4 Speed will disable the game's SFX for smoother experience. BGM will still be enabled.

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Code Atma Redeem code - premium gift box 31.08.2021

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