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limited recruit - use gCUW2CZ06
disks - nMPbau98R
secret combination - JSBQAavWP
5 star character - QkDNDZYKP
double rewards - Ftf9du5X1
speed up - XzyTQqiC6
resources - rXR0IXime
energy - HZ6H5dfJr
lucky star - datRdnGxN
shards - MAFr5Es2I
admin panel - RVaAZOfIW
seed box - V3H75FcvZ
material chest - B9qQRtP0v
novice platinum pack - abK87lfpN
chip - NFwWwMvAq
promotion manual - rVLThfnNw
diamond ring - E7w6lOUxK
element crystal - e6nsqOzhE
5 star random treasure chest - p90VrkMio
love chocolate - EmHivSqEg
signal disc - LdrQB1xk4
platinum recruit pack - wHM1wvS5A
exclusive accessory pack - Flh6cZTrf
discount recruit pack - oQ4zQaNvT
fortune recruit pack - sTDkdwnSI
server opening pack - Oa5KlaFvW
monthly card - sXSUmDK5p

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Humans have discovered moonstones emitting strange radiation. Over the next few years, large quantities of moonstones were secretly released around the world. Countless humans have been mutated into zombies by its radiation. Controllers of the affected areas tried to cover it up through violent repression. But the terrible news got through. People rose up, wave swept the world, and order broke down. In the chaos, te source of the zombie infection spirals put of control and spreads around the world. To fight zombies, apocalypse researchers try to use zombies' mutant cells to transform the human body. Enables the reformed to gain extraordinary fighting power and immunity to zombie infections. These transformed persons are called - Seed fire. These fighters were sent to various places and succeeded in helping people establish several safe areas. And Galileo also received the dispatch notice of Apocalypse. Served as a security consultant for the delta security zone. A short time later, a woman who called herself Columbus came outside the safe zone. New waves are coming...

CODE SEED Seihi no Uta Hack Basics trucos

Commander, we're reached stronghold one, but it's not looking very good right now. Move in. These zombies are still at the lowest level, and i should be able to do it without your help. Tap to eliminate 1 skill slot to activate match 1 skills. While swiping the action slot, swiping up a certain distance cancels the current skill cast. The skill you just cast will trigger a chase effect every time you kill the target. Reasonable use of skill effect is the key to win the battle, please pay attention to the skill description. Tap to eliminate 3 adjacent skill slots and activate match 3 skill.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - vSDQqAwxl
level up - UcSWlFCen
daily pack - enter pass JLM4BEpsx
admin account - pjSCqVJWv
Month Card x1 - o6b63iJM1
booster pack - 9UvpTlXsU
evolve - 7M9t90AnL
enhance - L9htb59hR
There's ore intelligence in the area and what's needed to restore the stronghold. Let's go to the merchant tribes first! A medical station can treat an injured character. Heal your wounds before you start exploration. Tap on the avatar to group your character. Different locations will encounter different events, first location seems to have some zombies to clean up. A forward position will take more damage, so keep your defensive character three. Zombies with features will have a special logo on their heads. Tap to switch specific target of the attack. Zombies' action countdown is reduced by 1 point per turn, once when it reaches 0, and temporarily halts when it is frozen. Kill it before it makes a move. In the future exploration, we will also get a variety of support items, reasonable use of them, will be a great help to explore. There are plenty of dangerous zombies, but the loot is much better.

CODE SEED Seihi no Uta Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Zombies with self exploding properties are very dangerous. On the other hand, killing them first will benefit us. Please pay more attention. Tap to switch specific target of the attack. Swiping to eliminate 4 skill slots to releases match 3 skill with additional effects.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: limited recruit, disks, 5 star character, speed up, resources, energy, lucky star, shards, seed box, material chest, chip, promotion manual, diamond ring, element crystal, 5 star random treasure chest, love chocolate, signal disc, novice platinum pack, platinum recruit pack, exclusive accessory pack, discount recruit pack, fortune recruit pack, server opening pack, monthly card
3. Tap boss' health bar to check its information. Bosses are usually more difficult to deal with, so be sure to know yourself and know your enemy. Bosses, for example, tend to be huge, so freezing these effects makes it hard to trap them. Not only Boss, click on the health bar of other enemies can also see the message.
4. Taking a lucky star character along for the exploration will give you an additional combat bonus.
5. Swipe your finger upward to cancel the current skill cast.
6. Taking a lucky star character along for the exploration will give you an additional combat bonus.

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