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Colossus and War Game story

Once upon a time. The dark dragon was sweeping across the continent. In order to defend their homeland. Humans united with colossus to fight against the dragon. A legend about bravery and faith arised. Stranger! Please wait... I am Isanna, the priest guarding this ruin, and I have been waiting for you such a long time. Praise the saint spirit to lead you here! Even the evil dragon has been sealed by colossus, the smells of apocalypse are still spreading widely in wild. Tap Saint Totem to unleash the divine power. May the force of nature guide your way.

The Saint Totem has just answered our prayers, the divine power restores our territory with vibrancy and a splendid Castle has been built! Setting down in the wild is not easy, to develop our territory we need more Resources, and everything will be started with Food. I heard water floating from the West, please follow me to figure it out. Tap the Lock to unlock new areas.

Colossus and War Hack Basics trucos

There is even an ancient Colossus Factory in our territory! After a Dragon apocalypse, many people came to visit the colossus for blessing, Colossus Factory was where the colossuses been designed and built. However this ancient factory may need some repair first...Just like what I thought, these fertile lands are the best places for farming. A steady food production means a lot of development. Please build a Farm first.

Castle is more like a heart of your territory, with enough Food now we can upgrade the Castle. As the center of territory, our castle must be secured with military forces. A solid army will help us to defend all the crisis from wild and other lords. To explore the South of territory, for constructing a Military Zone. Select an Idle Tile to build a Barrack and train some infantry. Praise the saint spirit! We can train some infantry instantly.

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Our first infantry legion is standby, it seems that we still need a Hero to lead this legion... Look! What locates South is the Heroic Well, a place to memorize deseased heroes. If we can Pray sincerely in front of the Monument with Jade and Gold Coins, we should be able to recruit some heroes from the wild. Praise the saint spirit! This pray is free.

A brave warrior lives on hunting monsters, specializes different sword styles. The famous demon hunter: Khaza has recalled our summon, here he comes to assist us. With enough troops and hero, now we can explore the World. The wilderness is concealed by Mists, it will be a great barrier for us to deal with domestic and foreign affairs. Please Deploy the hero Demon Hunter, to expel those Swordsman. When we have recruited more heroes, we can setup Leader Hero and Adjutant Hero, Adjutant hero will boost the combat stats of Leader Hero.

Colossus and War Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Fighting with different opponentes and enemies, need a wise combination of different Unit and Troops.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Colossus and War cheat code - give: vip crate, speed up, food, lumber, iron, silver, resources, production +300%, gems, premium troops, title deed, lucky dolls, vip 17, gold coins, heroic soul, jade coin, tokens, earthen soil, magic gem, t5 equipment chest, SSR hero
3. We need to stay sharp, please return to Territory for building up more defense facilities. Before making a further move, I want to hand you with this Scroll, hopefully you could become a wise lord. Please follow the Chapters to complete our territory construction step by step. Completing Chapter Tasks for rewards.
4. Upgrade Wall to strengthen our territory defense. You have basically mastered the method of territorial development. Praise saint spirit, wish you could lead your people towards a bright future. May the colossus and saint spirit show your the way.
5. Peace shield - Protects your castle from all enemy attacks and scouts within the duration, except the Magic Cannon attacks.
6. Use speedups to reduce the timer for the castle which is being constructed.
7. Raise the lord, the power of the leader and castle level to gain more rewards.
8. Occupy resource tiles to obtain resource. Higher-level tiles will produce more output. Occupy resources tiler around the world to get Food, Lumber and Iron. Use your resources wisely to strengthen your territory.

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