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Comix Breaker Game story

Before getting started, let's start with a simple tutorial! Complete the run for the rewards above! Very easy and fun! Eat first! Power - Increases Attack damage by number of stacks. Cherry Soda - [Power] is a buff that increases the Attack power. Combination of snacks and cards is the key to success. Except for the Food Truck and Rest Area, stage layouts are randomly generated fir every game. You can hold up to 8 cards in hand. When you restart battle, the first card that's dealt may change. If you made a mistake during battle, try to restart battle feature. Add equipment cards to the deck when necessary to reinforce your deck.

Comix Breaker Hack Basics trucos

Hand - The set of cards you can use this turn. Energy - Energy required to use cards. Resets every turn. Ends your turn and begins your opponent's turn. Tap a card and drag it to a monster. If there are no cards in your Draw Pile?? All the cards in the Discard Pile are moved to the Draw Pile. This is card cycling! Let's see what this monster will do. This monster is getting ready to attack! Which card should we use? Since the monster has low HP, let's attack first and defeat it! The red cards are Attack cards! Tap an Attack card to use it on an enemy! You will receive rewards when you win a battle. Badges are a temporary currency used only in the current game! Badges are used to skip cards, buy snacks at the Food Truck and more, so try to keep an eye on the amount!

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Let's collect cards and get through the chapter! Press [Recieve] to see what cards you got! Choose 1 out of the 3 cards! You can only equip the season equipment that corresponds with the season number. You got a Soba Noodle! Additional effects when you give Weakness to an opponent! That will go well with the [Attack Weakness] card you just picked! Tap [Confirm] to go to the next stage! In the Event Stage, you pick a place out of 3. You should pick a place taht's the most advantageous to you at the moment. There are three types of events: [Good], [Neutral], and [Bad]. This time, let's go with a [Good] event and receive rewards!

Comix Breaker Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can earn more rewards in the Season Mode than the Classic Mode
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Comix Breaker cheat code - give: booster pack, legendary card, badges, random snack, first aid kit, recover HP, enhancement, off ads, gacha x5, weekly special package III, ticket, increase stats, energy, battle pass, gold coins
3. Hmmm...seems like an iffy situation to add these cards now. In this case, you can "skip" and choose not to receive them! Press the [Skip] button to skip these cards! Skips are limited and they consume badges, so choose wisely!
4. Add equipment cards to the deck when necessary to reinforce your deck. If you have too many cards in your deck, it will be difficult to draw the card you want.
5. A strong elite monster appears! The enemy is getting ready for a strong attack! This is when you need a Defense card to block an attack. Blue cards are Defense cards. Drag a Defense card to use.
6. Status effects and Curse card are different in every chapter.
7. We arrived at the Rest Area! You can do one of three things at the Rest Area. Recover HP, remove unwanted cards from the deck, or pick a card to make it stronger!
8. We have enough HP and no cards to get rid of, so let's try upgrading a card! Upgrade the [Attack Weakness] card you got earlier! The card will be enhanced as follows. An upgraded card has a + sign in the name, and the color changes to [green]! Upgraded cards are much stronger than before. Choose wisely when selecting a card to upgrade!
9. Each character has many unique skins. Purchasing skins grants bonus stats and unlocks new cards.
10. After defeating the boss, you obtained a [Rare] equipment! Let's put on an equipment. When you tap on item in the inventory, the [Equip] button should appear. When you equip an item, the stats increase and you will be able to use equipment cards!

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