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snack - use ZP4ew7kcL
badges - nZRCNHHZF
secret combination - QyXrzE2Vt
gems - fKfAMGzyo
double rewards - WJahqpFGK
gold coins - wv0rCjnLF
off ads - h3eQiYVMv
increase stats - X9l7hsztY
legendary card - FMme2GTnP
admin panel - OPEYoan06
enhance - PB1KLXmvr
restore HP - use Gv7TOBKrm
skins - 85qtLM7Ga

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Game story

Before getting started, let's start with a simple tutorial. You can see the chapter's reward information. Chapter information - you can see the chapter or difficulty details. Stamina is used when you play a game. Snacks give beneficial or harmful effects. It's important to combine snacks and cards in your game. With the exception of the food truck and rest areas, stage layouts are randomly generated. Draw pile - five random cards are drawn from the draw pile at the start of every turn. Energy - required to use cards, reset every turn. Hand - the cards you can use this turn. Ean turn - ends your turn and begins your enemy's turn. Touch a card and drag it to a monster.

Comix Breaker Hack Basics trucos

Discard pile - used cards, cards not used at the end of a turn, and discarded cards come here. If there are no cards in your draw pile? All the cards in the discard pile are moved to the draw pile. This is card cycling. Recycling - destroyed cards and cards with 0 durability are sent to 'recycling'. Cards here are excluded from the current battle.

enter cheat (Comix Breaker gift codes):
upgrade trucos - qbUxv9TFN
level up - b5CVWHLai
daily pack - enter pass f5LYmdjrt
admin account - uC6BTLIUh
Month Card x1 - mlSlARj33
booster pack - Gf6EDlahZ
evolve - Pn8KkAVxq
enhance - dBGmnjig7
Monster intention - shows the action the monster will take this turn. Use this to decide which card to use. Order a snack - each food truck can give one. If you don't like the snack you got, you can use a badge to try again. Rest area: you can select only one out of the three at each rest area: recover health, remove card, enhance card. The recovery amount is proportional to the player's maximum HP. The higher the wisdom stat, the higher the recovery rate. Remove unnecessary cards. Less cards mean a higher chance to get the cards you want. Select 1 card to enhance. Enhanced cards have stronger effects.

Comix Breaker Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Gems - advanced goods. You can purchase advanced items from the store or receive them in small amounts from daily gifts or mission rewards.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: snack, badges, gems, off ads, increase stats, legendary card, enhance, restore HP, gold coins
3. Character stats: strength - all single attack type cards have 1 increased damage per 3 stats. All multiple attack type card have 1 increased damage per 10 stats. Dexterity - all defense type cards have 1 increased defense per 3 stats. Endurance - 1 increased max health points. Wisdom - 1 increased rest area recovery amount per 3 stats. Increased chance of getting card removal or first aid kit as combat reward.
4. In order to raise your level, you must complete "level up missions". The higher the level, the higher the stats, and the more cards you can use.

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