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Game story

Wake up Comrade, we'll be there soon. The guys bet on a vodka crate that you won't survive even a week in this shabby hole, but the commissioner believes in you somehow. You'd better follow all his orders or you'll end up like Roznikov! Poor guy, he just wanted to earn some more...First, go to the office and check faz for special orders. It is your responsibility to follow these orders before letting anyone in. Now look at your duty folder and check mission objectives. The folder also contains other important stuff like Duty Handbook or map of the area. it's also handy when checking driver documents. Great, lets get started! Pull the lever to invite the first driver for the border control. In order to enter Acaristan, the driver needs to have valid documents set. Ask him to show you the papers. Now, look again at your duty folder. Every driver must have at least a passport and vehicle registration document. Check if the driver's name is the same on both documents.

Contraband Police Hack Basics

Don't forget to mark all found mistaken papers data and vehicle faults on the special inspection report. Now make a decision...Should you let him in, and call next driver for control. Next i will instruct you how to search vehicles for contraband. Desk - here you will find all tips on suspected contraband smugglers and other criminals. Now, go ahead and invite the first vehicle for inspection. Aha, looks like we've got a suspect. According to our intel, he transports contraband somewhere in the cabin. Ask him to step out of the vehicle to perform a contraband search. First, we need some tools for the job. Pick up a knife from the table. Use knife to cut seat upholstery. Congratulations, you've just caught a smuggler in the act. Check other parts for more contraband, and then arrest the criminal. This is your warehouse, where you can store intercepted contraband, tools, weapons and other stuff. Maybe one day you can afford to expand it. Now go ask Maksimov to get rid of the remaining vehicle.

Contraband Police Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. There are different types of tools used for other contraband hiding spots: blades cut upholstery, tires and other thin materials. Blunts can break off lids and plates, while axes are used to pierce hard stuff like fuel tanks. Pick up all the tools from the table.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: multiplayer mode, premium version, new territory, vehicle skin, credits, airport, train, weapons, upgrade, level up
3. Contraband Police is a border post commander simulator. Check drivers' documents and the technical condition of their vehicles. Look for hidden contraband and finally issue or refuse permission to enter the country.

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