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Game story

Welcome, this is a test kitchen where we can practice a bit. To your left are perp stations, where orders appear as customers arrive. Enough talk, let's cook. Use the recipe to place the right ingredients for the order. When finished, press enter or click the recipe to serve. To the right is your list of ingredients. Use the recipe on the bottom of the screen to place the correct ingredients ordered by the customer. Type the large letter listed on the ingredient (or click the button) to place it. Use the recipe below to see which ingredients you need. Place the ingredients and begin cooking. The white timer indicates how long this food has left to cook. Once it turns blue, the food is ready to be prepped again. Select the order once it turns blue. Don't prep it too early, or the order will be raw! Ingredients have color boxes to the left of them to easily show what page they are on. Depending on how accurate your ingredient placement was and if the food was fully cooked, you will receive a perfect, average or bad rating. Always strive for a perfect rating - it will bring in more customers, income, and bonuses at the end of the day! An average rating doesn't hurt or help you, and a bad rating will decrease customers.

Cook Serve Delicious 2 Hack Basics

On the top of the screen you'll find the holding stations. Holding stations are the key to making things much easier for you when a huge amount of customers walk through the door... in fact, if you don't utilize them, the game can become quite difficult, and sometimes impossible. Try accepting the order on the left. You'll notice you cannot select this food - it has a red HS icon, meaning that it must be prepared in a holding station before you can serve it. Select the Pretzel and follow the recipe. The recipe will be completely random each time you make a food in the holding station, so pay close attention to make sure it's done perfectly. Just like the Hamburger, we must wait until the food is finished cooking before we select it again. Holding stations are fully automated. Once the food is finished cooking, it will automatically be ready to serve. Order completed! One serving has been deducted from the holding station. You still have three more left to serve to anyone coming in wanting Pretzels. The food will decrease in freshness as the day progresses. Once the clock runs out next to the serving number, the food must be throw away. Certain foods stay fresher longer than others. All holding station orders must be cooked perfectly, or they cannot be served.

Hint & Tips

1. Holding station optional foods are orders that can either be prepped in a prep station or made ahead of time in a holding station. Start by selecting the order on the left and prep it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: speed up, new restaurants, premium stages, food, drinks, desserts, furniture, multiplayer mode, stars, money
3. You've learned the very basics of the game. However, there are still items such as side dishes, Chores, drinks and holding station optional foods you can learn in the extra tutorials, so you should absolutely check those out when you can.

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