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Cooking Town hack cheat code List

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Cooking Town use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to culinary town. Let's start to learn how to make delicious dishes. Customer needs one biscuit. Let's try to make some. Wait until it's done, but don't keep the customers waiting for too long. Let's see what the next unit wants. This customer needs a drink. The drink dispenser will make it automatically, all we need to do is to wait. Tap the drink to serve it to the customer. Make enough money to accomplish your mission before all customers are left.

Cooking Town Hack Basics

You have mastered how to make delicious dishes! Let's check the ingredients out! Upgrade ingredients so that the dishes will earn you more coins. Upgrade the oven and the plate! it will make the cookware more efficient. Upgrading them properly will make the missions easier to accomplish. Reasonable food pairings will help you clear the stage easily. Tap twice quickly to throw unwanted food into the trash can. Within a certain time, the more you serve the customers, the more reward you get. More practice will make you pass more easily.

Hint & Tips

1. Lost the game? Try to upgrade some items!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: ice coffe black gold pack, remove pop-up ads, gems, stamina, ingredients, coins, level up, speed up, furniture
3. Tap the map and seek for adventures in other areas.
4. You can start to prepare before the first customer arrives.
5. Don't forget your daily sign in! The rewards would be reset if you forget to sign in continuously.
6. Enhancing the party outfits will help you cear the stage more easily.

Cooking Town Hack tools Version:


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