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Game story

This is an announcement from Ground one, city managements.The density of corruption rays is gradually increasing across the city center. Given the current trend, a counter side effect alert may be issued soon. All citizens are encouraged to stay in safe locations. All taskforce companies contracted with the administration must mobilize at their respective administrative zones. All new operatives should register with their designated squads to complete preparations for the upcoming purification operations. Those are corrupted objects, rookie. Our prey from the counter side. I'm just giving you a basic orientation. Deploy a unit.

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Deploying units requires deployment resources. Bottom bar - your deployment resources are displayed here. Characters, when deployed, fight automatically. Defeat the enemy boss o win the battle. The winning conditions may vary, depending on the battle type. If your ship is destroyed, you will lose the battle. You will also lose if you exceed the time limit. Role advantages: +30% outgoing damage and -30% incoming damage following the arrow. Each unit has a role, which is effective or ineffective against certain other roles. A unit deals more damage and takes less damage from the role against which it is effective. Units display HP and skill gauge above their heads. You should always be aware of the compatibility between roles.

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upgrade trucos - 7YkMfspV7
level up - 5ahTJ3oBx
daily pack - enter pass NIVKgMCdm
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Month Card x1 - 7VL9wMo6K
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Certain units have special skills like counterattack. When the purple gauge is activated, you can use your ultimate skill. This time, you can use the ultimate skill at once. Use the ship skill to eliminate the smal wedges. Normal soldiers don't have special abilities, but they're deployed in groups. You can redeploy characters that are in combat. Redeploying restores the unit's HP and reactivates their deployment effects. battlefield is a tactical combat mode that uses dedicated squads. In battlefield, your squad and enemies take turns to play in phases. Each squad can move once per phase, and enters battle upon encountering an enemy.

Counter Side Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Each squad consists of 1 ship and up to 8 units. A squad's CP (combat power) is the average value of its members' CPS. Each squad can have a leader unit. The cost of the leader unit is decreased by 1. You can command each squad during the player phase.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: credit, company exp, eternium, ssr unit, recruit x10, emblem, auto battle, star up, shield, battle pass
3. Dismiss R or better grade units to get ownerless business cards. l.
4. You can level your units quickly through Salary Negotiations. Simulations provide loads of rewards. Take advantage of the free tickets that you get on a daily basis.
5. Ultimate skill cools down after the unit's first deployment. Lifetime units don't lose their loyalty.
6. You can't get Eternium past the maximum carrying limit. You must consume it on a regular basis.
7. You can tap and replace the units in the unit slots before the operation begins. Factor unit costs into the formation of your squad, and make good use of your units during the operation. Unit formation guidelines are provided based on their role advantages. They help you check the roles your squad is lacking. Operations require a different amount of eternium, depending on the difficulty of the enemies you'll fight.

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