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gold - use 4OFOjfYu6
off ads - 6L9znkYQK
secret combination - ItUUl4vBv
premium pass - 4iBBvUYtm
double rewards - q47EPogmm
epic items - 6nmvbnZnO
black market hero tiles - DFywjeI4W
quest deck - dPA7iHGWp
starter package - kgjgQlDy3
admin panel - 002LcfkZ8
gear point - alzcta4Ok
hero - use lNDZIesTX
gear - bkfDCC0LT
spells - u7uOSAWiA
gems - XH6p9qPT9

Courtyard Brawl use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Adventure introduction: help Chimneya expose and dethrone bad santa and take over hos north pole headquarters, making sure all the kids get their presents! Under santa Chimneya's steel whip, santa punk and all his little helpers would make splendid legs-up christmas chimney decorations. Chimneya woke up on the roof a night before christmas eve, determined to find out how Santa's sleep magic works - putting to sleep every kid while keeping the reindeer awake at the same time? There must be a key for immunity to bad santa's 'lullaby', and she needs it. Luckily, a small amount of dust fell on her brush once - enough for a sample. The best place for sample analysis is the wacky sandman institute. It won't be easy to convince its scientists that you're santa's helper. Despite disappointing so many kids in recent years, Santa hs enjoyed a good public image for centuries. All elves have pots of gold, so you need to collect some of the pots to prove. You're one of them.

Courtyard Brawl Hack Basics trucos

Drag new units to add them to the battlefield. Adding units costs elixir, and you earn elixir by killing enemies. Send all your elixir on adding more heroes. By leveling up your units you unlock their abilities and the units become much stronger. Leveling up a hero boost the hero's basic stats by a percent. The basic stats include armor, magic resistance, damage, and magic damage.

enter cheat (Courtyard Brawl gift codes):
upgrade trucos - ch0K1CKeh
level up - 5w1xH50gv
daily pack - enter pass QXYi4aDTM
admin account - EAr30IQNF
Month Card x1 - SCtpOVJj2
booster pack - LLDO7Te2X
evolve - dfi0NxsoZ
enhance - Z2InX5yl4
Cards: Salsa dip briar thorn - oh, just some briar thorn dipped in salsa. Good for parties and duels to the death. This item increases your hero's offense. Concrete grizzly pants - contrary to popular belief, concrete is a great material for going sports, outdoor activities and fighting in the arena. This item increase the defense and utility of your hero's offense.

Courtyard Brawl Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Draw 1 extra card after every match, +20% gold from matches, +300% winners deck, 1 trophy shield every day.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, premium pass, epic items, black market hero tiles, quest deck, gear point, hero, gear, spells, gems, shards
3. Upgrade the gear item to make it more effective. Collect and upgrade cards to reach legendary levels of your MOBA heroes’ armor, speed, and damage.

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1. V97a3CMpaS2ZGM5
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10. v1EYZlwGl2eIhl8
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