Cheats hack Covenant of Gardel code:soulstone, gold, heathstone, runes, awaken, gems, increase stats, advanced summoning, legendary familiar Covenant of Gardel Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Covenant of Gardel hack cheat code List

soulstone - use 3NFD4a3rj
off ads - yM6N7KDRK
secret combination - bNbwjj7kK
heathstone - 2XDGO2LUz
double rewards - PAxebannV
gold - Z4xRAjNZX
runes - pl1E7oqdA
awaken - qPI90ZxRO
starter package - uXHGypWIw
admin panel - rwHXGkIE8
gems - Cfw754d7t
increase stats - use QOGOJxLn8
advanced summoning - yFol5v1bI
legendary familiar - IhV4IlWMO
shards - yrpTFMq1X
tier up - cq3781ENV
scrolls - EfDOIKppI

Covenant of Gardel use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

You woke up, the Chosen one! We've met in your dreams. Now grab my frost hammers. The land of Gardel is under attack from ancient devils. We've been looking all over for you, our Savior! Your dreams are real. I will help you until the invaders are defeated! master Delores will teach you battle skills. Watch it! The enemy is dangerous. Please battle according to my instructions. Drag your card to the green zone to summon a familiar. We are outnumber. Let's summon another characters. The enemy is using toxic gas. Use the recovery circle to protect your units.

Covenant of Gardel Hack Basics trucos

Drag lady darknight of the warrior class to the formation front to absorb damage. Pixie of the healer class can heal wounded ally familiars. The entrance skill of frost giant creates immediate AoE control effects on enemies. Don't forget to use player skills in battle. Try training your familiars first, which requires lots of healthstones and gold. You can claim them in idle rewards.

enter cheat (Covenant of Gardel gift codes):
upgrade trucos - ZWA1b669Z
level up - frwx4PyKu
daily pack - enter pass IqIKQabUd
admin account - 6FbFO5KVY
Month Card x1 - r6XQXkDhb
booster pack - o5Wai2QaX
evolve - o5Wai2QaX
enhance - pzxoARLpg
Auto battle is unlocked. keep it on, and familiars will fight for you automatically. You never know what happens in battle. Don't forget to use your player skills to turn the table. Vitality and health points recover automatically. Congrats on clearing stage. You may claim rewards in growth track. Reward - covenant scroll, you can perform govenant summoning in covenant circle.

Covenant of Gardel Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Challenge main battles to claim rare familiars. Race advantage: nature> barbarian> hell> abyss> nature.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: soulstone, gold, heathstone, runes, awaken, gems, increase stats, advanced summoning, legendary familiar, shards, tier up, scrolls
3. Every characters has its unique characteristics for players to experience the early stage gameplay. If necessary, players may train them to higher levels.
4. Strong control with high ATL and DEF as well as great support. Double resonance plus bonds for may team performance with different units.

Covenant of Gardel Hack tools Version:


Covenant of Gardel Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

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