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weapon - use uAKW08b3w
off ads - 6uCTDfANC
secret combination - Z5Uv8ghZC
accessory - K0ABcmXqm
double rewards - 2fDLi4Epv
boots - vZlKsUGF6
shield - E6XSQ48Of
helment - WD21wi9g3
starter package - tdIVREMBj
admin panel - rjeWPUVPn
armor - cixcvV4kd
crazy card pack - use QRH9W9MEr
gems - uR4LxYVnf
stars - s0umVHdgE
restore hearts - S4CXqd0o0
increase attack speed - 0A8WJuZi5
legendary hero - QtJQScxXp
unlimited mana - vE4gYJmYz

Crazy Kings use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

The kings of the world have gone crazy. We need a hero to stand against them! Our lands are under attack by kings gone crazy. We must defend the realm. King Bullhead ix must be stopped at all costs! Let's fight our way to his stronghold. He has gone crazy and unleashed his Bovine minions upon our snowy homeland. The freeholds of Everwinter tremble under his mighty hoof. You have to stop him! battle menu shows you some basic info on the upcoming battle. Winning the level gives you loot! You can win 3 pieces of loot - one for each star.

Crazy Kings Hack Basics trucos

Welcome to the battlefield. An evil minotaur patrol is closing in. Shield - your objective is to prevent them from reaching here. You use cards to build towers that will stop the enemy. Using cards costs mana. Defeating enemies earns you more mana. Minotaurs are not the brightest creatures in the realm. But what they lack in smarts, they make up for in brute strength. Hardy and quick, grunts are the backbone of the minotaur horde. Rat - fast and weak, rats have strength in numbers. Tap banner to start battle.

enter cheat (Crazy Kings gift codes):
upgrade trucos - U9La8Ay0L
level up - hDHODrozk
daily pack - enter pass Z9xWJuTaj
admin account - gK88HhPtu
Month Card x1 - 5Pavax5pq
booster pack - ywa0fgvXj
evolve - SdrZv1JQF
enhance - cGp8kdk1R
Dropping a bear trap stops a minotaur in a snap. You stopped the minotaurs this time, but more are on their way! Good thing you've found a shiny new sword! Let's equip it now! The enemy and their filthy rodent allies are on the march again! This time, you too can join the battle to wreak havoc on the enemy! Start by building towers, then move yourself into position. Remember to build more towers once you have the mana for it.

Crazy Kings Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Next to the wave counter you can see how many hearts you have. You lose a heart for each enemy that gets through. Stronger enemies will cost you more! Hold off the enemy without losing any hearts to earn 3 stars. Lose more than half of your hearts and you'll earn only 1 star.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: weapon, accessory, boots, shield, helment, armor, crazy card pack, gems, stars, restore hearts, increase attack speed, legendary hero, unlimited mana
3. Every card pack has a small chance of containing a legendary card. With every daily chest you open, your chances of finding a valuable card go up! Make sure you check back every day.
4. Select - this is where you choose which cards to take into battle. You can also view a scout report or equip your avatar. Some towers can be upgraded after you've built them. Towers that can be upgraded are marked with plus signs. Remember to upgrade your towers. Also towers you've built cannot be removed. Place your towers with care.

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