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Crazy Rich Girls Game story

Coming into the the finals of the Explosive Journey, more cyberstars have shown their disrespect to a dark horse like me. More challenges are on the way. Dress pretty and get ready to impress the world! Your clothing should match the Theme. I wouldn't wanna get laughed at for wearing pajamas to a banquet! Let's get a new hairstyle first! item and match in the clothing match interface. All final candidates will also be invited to the Masquerade downtown. Don't make me embarrass myself in front of those upper-class youngsters! Now all the upper-class kids know we've got a fashion icon in our show.

Crazy Rich Girls Hack Basics trucos

You must item a dress that is [gorgeous] or [fine]! Nice choice but I guess its not that appropriate for the masquerade I'm attending. item and match in the clothing match interface. If you post your look online now, you'll find you're not living up to the expectations of your followers. You'll need a high enough score to beat this level! I'm more or less a rising star right now - I should stay stylish for my fans. No money, no honey. Let's go get everything that looks good! The Slot App is the application installed on every candidate's phone where you can gain resources to get clothes. Numerous items are offered by the slot machine, they're all very useful to us. You gain resources each time you complete levels and spin the slot machine. Other competitors are also waiting in line to spin the Slot machine so you should make good use of your turn and use as much Energy as possible.

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Three money straps in a row! You just earned yourself a huge amount of cash! Wipe the droll off your chin! I know you wanna keep these Money rolls, but you won't be able to buy any new clothes if you do! Complete against other opponents online! Each competition has a theme. Your overall score will be boosted if the clothes you pick go well together. Pay attention to keywords - they give you hints on the appropriate dress code! Our clothing styles are too alike. I'd hardly win this competition like this. Spin the Slot machine a few more tomes and see if our luck turns. You've just earned glitter to decorate your clothing! Glitter is makes clothes shiner and is a defense item - it's not used against others. Use it when you need it!

Crazy Rich Girls Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Every competitor can use the Slot machine to start online slothing competitions and complete against others to stop others from acquiring resources. Spin the Slot machine and win this one set match!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Crazy Rich Girls cheat code - give: diamonds, item, energy, free spin, resource, cash, stars, exclusive outfit, SSS item, starter pack, vip status, title, gift box, offline reward
3. Complete against others in clothing competitions. Active and passive wins will both grant you more impressions and more money! Hit the button and dress up pretty in one click!
4. MASSIVE REWARDS when you complete travel tasks before the timer runs out!

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