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Crazy Tandy use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Let's begin the challenge. Summoning a card costs stamina. The lower right corner of the card shows required stamina. You can attack from three routes: left, middle, and right. In general, the card's DMG is the same as the card's ATK. THe upper left corner pf the card shows its ATK. The enemy is attacking. Let's summon cards to defend. When weapons collided, they will consume its durability. When their durability is 0, weapons will disappear. Choose your attack routes and card carefully, balance the attack and defense and pay attention to your stamina. Keep fighting and defeat the enemy.

Crazy Tandy Hack Basics

Congratulations on getting some trophies. There are cards to upgrade. Cards are stronger and the cost of stamina won't increase. Upgrading cards can also get player EXP reward. So upgrade as many as you can. You can get card rewards after clearing the campaign. Keep fighting and get more cards. Remember to check new items after unlocking them. Knowing new cards can help you combine them better. There are 5 types of cards: sword, axe, hammer, shield and magic. Different types of cards have different special abilities. Axe cards can crush weapon cards with lower attack power without damage. Shield can't attack enemies. They can only be used to defend and have high durability. Hammer have the ability to break shields, can cause additional dmg to shield cards. Magic can take effect immediately and help you turn the tables quickly in crunch time.

Hint & Tips

1. All cards can be upgraded to level 16. This is the highest level of cards. Some cards also have special abilities. Read this abilities and build your strongest combination.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: unlimited stamina, gold, legendary card, premium deck, vip status, skin, increase HP, boss stage
3. THe higher your score in the arena, the richer the reward you will get.
4. Remember to go to the shop every day to check the new arrival. You can get a 4-hour fast AFK rewards for free once a day.

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Crazy Tandy Redeem code - premium gift box

1. Cf080C32bF7tsge
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