Cheats hack Creeper World 4 code:bluite, greenar, liftic, anticreeper, raw materials, increase attack speed, ERN Creeper World 4 Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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bluite - use hack Y6VifqrwT
daily pack - enter pass L28va0R2r
greenar - IJxDG528a
liftic - y5nFtL86t
booster pack - yBqMPuwgg
anticreeper - cszZH7uqB
Month Card x1 - ZwkrZWVhD
raw materials - 0rwosxuQC
daily gift bag x10 - A5JYTfGwY
secret combination code - LaTicQdVd
increase attack speed - OpYPQNA86
ERN - pD77fDhhh
multiplayer mode - 8BKYidN6O
upgrade - EpV4vJlOO
level up - x6w83If5W
boss stage - YtjB4mDBO
full version - ozgLIpECo

Creeper World 4 use cheats
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Game story

The unknown material is approaching the rift lab. I recommend relocating mining cannons around the launch site. They may delay the progress of the material. Select tower from the build menu on the left and construct it where indicated, it will connect the Rift lab to the launch site and power the lights. Cannons are the basic weapon in your armory. They fire rapidly at creeper infested ground within line-of-sight and are most effective against thin, rapidly advancing creeper. Cannons have target priority settings to target either creeper (default) or Mesh. Their range and speed an be upgraded globally from the ERN portal or individually by giving a unit an ERN. You fight against an enemy that flows over the map and destroys what it touches.

Creeper World 4 Hack Basics

Build an energy network, collect resources, build your defenses, and secure each world. The rift lab is the central base of operations, as it dispatches build and ammo packets to connected units. Towers connected to the rift lab will create Soylent, which generates energy. Towers create your network and deploy the green Soylent. Green area makes energy. Space the towers out to maximize their efficiency. Pylons form long-range, high speed network connections that carry packet between each other, the rift lab and micro-rifts. Use them to reach remote areas and to improve the delivery rate to front-line weapons. Mortars are the heavy artillery in your armory. They lob shells over a distance in an arc. Height advantage makes them more effective. They always target the deepest creeper within their target area.

Hint & Tips

1. Minners use resource terrain to create energy or bluite packets. Bluite packets are sent to the factory for conversion into anti creeper. Each miner operates only on the terrain it covers. Multiple miners can be on the same patch of resource terrain. When placing them, there is a red/green indicator on the miner to show how effective the position is.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: bluite, greenar, liftic, anticreeper, raw materials, increase attack speed, ERN, multiplayer mode, upgrade, boss stage, full version
3. Nullifiers suppress one or more enemy units (emitters, spore towers, blob nests, skimmer factories or air sac cauldrons). They can only be built within range of one or more of the above and need a constant supply of energy to operate.
4. The factory is required to refine raw materials and store resources. It takes Redon, Bluite and greenar, and refines them into arg, anticreeper, and liftic respectively. Raw materials cannot be utilized without an existing factory.

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Creeper World 4 Redeem code - premium gift box

1. tPKkuDP3XSxcspT
2. nQhM6EfKEoUVlBr
3. YTadcFGdCnp5SiV
4. Lo4iqX5fZS5gwJ7
5. xZRcyC4UE6vB3pL
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