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Critter Crusade use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Captain, thanks for answering our distress call! No time to talk now, match 3 of the same gems to fire a shot at this metal monstrosity. making a match of a color you have a matching critter for will deploy that critter onto the field. At the end of your move you'll fire a blast at the opponent for each match made that move. These intruders are enslaving us critters in order to brainwash us an force us to pilot their mechs. They also deploy enslaved critters onto the field to fight. HP bar - you'll lose HP each time you're hit. If your HP reaches zero you'll be forced to flee. I have an ability that lets me heal you for a little at the beginning of each turn. Different critters have different abilities though. There's strength in diversity.

Critter Crusade Hack Basics

Heroes you have deployed on the field will attack at the beginning of your turn. You'll want to get more to join to maximize damage. Any units you already have deployed will attack again each time you make a match of their color. Looks like enemy don't have a critter with a purple affinity, so that match doesn't have any additional effect. They'll still shoot though, so brace yourself. You'll do more damage when you make matches that include more gems. Make this 5 match to put a real wallop on them. Matches of 5 greater of the same color have a bonus effect, they give you an extra move. Go ahead and make this 4 match and let's finish this. Great work! You beat the mech and freed the enslaved pilot. I can tell we're going to do great things together. There are some organics here. Grab them and i'll show you what to do with them.

Hint & Tips

1. The captain page - you can ingest organics we found to upgrade, Upgrading will increase your level and add to your strength and maximum HP. These intruders make us work in their dungeons doing who knows what. With your help i think we can beat the mech on the second floor of dungeon.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: Containers, tickets, treasure chest, restore health, upgrade, level up, skins, legendary captain, tier up
3. Before going in. I think another unit joined us when they saw you upgrade. Let's add them to an empty slot on our team. If you tap and hold on any of the deployment locations on the field you can see some valuable info for that critter.
4. In order to deploy characters onto the field you have to manually make a match. Even though a green match was made here. I can't make the match yourself. Critters will still attack if their color cascades while they're deployed though.
5. Enemy mech made a combo match because both gems he swapped were part of matches. Each match in a combo is considered manual, and there fore will deploy 2 critters if those units aren't already deployed.
6. See black gems? These are fairly volatile. Of you make a match with black gems they may knock an opposing critter off the field. You can make a silver match to regain some health in addition to the damage you deal.
7. Hero menu - on this screen you can see all of the info for critters. You can tap any of these areas to learn more about what they mean and how they impact your team. Units will scout out the dungeons to make sure you get the maximum possible from each floot. We can only scout so fast through, so it takes a little while to get a new recon ticket after you use one. It's best to make sure you have tickets available before starting a floor.

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