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Cube Blast hack cheat code List

battle pass - use hack ZPaDCtwVf
daily pack - enter pass cJpoDJPhv
gold - MJfOaFc3G
gems - QUgVu232I
booster pack - pAOGdNrD6
legendary hero - Z9fQUvzAM
Month Card x1 - hMUh1Glw3
tier 1 epic shop box - OFZXzrZmU
daily gift bag x10 - LZOnHCQnQ
secret combination code - ucD1b455h
diamonds - ig9vbbKUK
gold - fmKNCdNB0
restore health - Bu6ETZ0YC
upgrade - GxMHPYNsQ
level up - qRJuuOriJ
vip status - jNFfhokEY
premium skin - BqLiqWGHk

Cube Blast use cheats
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Game story

Eliminate more than 3 color cubes to summon heroes. When units and surrounding cubes have some color, they can be eliminated together. YOu can recruit enemy characters by eliminating your own color cubes. Eliminate 4 color cubes to gain skills. Cubes and skills of the same color can be eliminated together. Skills are eliminated to increase your own advantage. Skill combinations can generate huge power. Trophy rewards unlocked. There is a reward available, check the reward we have prepared for you!

Cube Blast Hack Basics

During the effective period of the monthly card, you can get 80 diamonds every day in this interface, with the gold and its upper limit increasing by +50% after the battle. Recruiting enemy heroes can effectively reverse the situation. Hero's power equals to its health points. Arrange skills reasonably rather than purely focus on elimination number. If there are multiple heroes of the same race in the hero team, the skill effect will be enhanced.

Hint & Tips

1. One click upgrades to unlock heroes's powerful abilities.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: battle pass, gold, gems, legendary hero, tier 1 epic shop box, diamonds, level up, upgrade, restore health, vip status, premium skin
3. Friends duel mode with a lot of laughter and fun.
4. Strategic linking to summon heroes to rule the battlefield.
5. Use various powerful skills and strategies to achieve.
6. Great rewards and hidden surprises in treasure chests.

Cube Blast Hack tools Version:


Cube Blast Redeem code - premium gift box

1. Kmt0OmXUqD21u7y
2. yfLRKpeCVjSAtvc
3. Akfp9LXwNNh3FRO
4. 0L1Igh7pwQ5xVUk
5. kmgReGyIpjxZqHA
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