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Game story

Greeting, new adventurer. Welcome to our kingdom. Allow me to introduce the city. The dwarven forge can build all kinds of power equipment to arm you and your buddies. Take it to the largest bank in the kingdom city, they'll hold anything you don't want to carry. And, of course, financial support. Unknown with is here to help adventurers with potions, and food...also, effect? Who knows... Arena is full of glory. Here you can challenge people from all over the world just like you. It's more challenging than messing around the field.

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ChiChi is a traveling merchant. Like a walking vending machine! Anything you wanna buy from her? Just name it. The adventurers' guild can summon your fellows. A billboard at the entrance to the castle shows the latest locations of bounty hunting monsters, as well as miss Lady, who is in charge of special quests. Okay, that's it. But it's too dangerous for you to be alone, so go ahead and recruit a partner from adventurers' guild.

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Track the main mission by tapping on it to use the automatic wayfinding. By the way, you walker here, right? Give you a horse, you can move faster on it, and remember to ask adventures of guard Basilone, and old soldier. Anyway, complete more missions, explore the world more, and get stronger faster. The adventure button makes it easy to teleport between different maps. NPC will issue different tasks to the adventurers. Please click to view. The basis of the adventure is to gather as many resources as possible, such as herbs and minerals.

Cube Heroes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The more pets you collect, the more rewards you get. Pets can be dragged into team by clicking on their avatars. Match exploration requirements before dispatching, additional attributes can increase critical rate. Pets in the team will be ready to go when all the conditions for exploration are lit. Click Go to start dispatching! Don't forget to come back for the reward after your pets come back.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Cube Heroes cheat code - give: pet, mount, diamonds, talent points, friendship coins, transform, equipment, hearthstone, active points, mystique crystal, magic book, golden hero, resources
3. You can get talent points from exploration chest, side missions and dungeon missions.
4. THe adventure needs more partners to be interesting. Click give/receive friendship points. If you have enough friendship points, you can summon your partner. Friends can send friendship coins to each other. Friendship coins can also summon the heroes. Heroes can unlock new skills and gain increased attributes through breakthroughs. Use experience potions to quickly level up your heroes..

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