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legendary heroes - use Djg5Tz8pH
recruit x10 - pgMJkZCL5
secret combination - LGgPMhG07
equipment - rUEVdmvXO
double rewards - ly4QMTn7O
off ads - iFmeZZzpn
promotion - G87kjiiX7
enhance - T2i08qroz
friendship points - fjwWD8XXk
admin panel - QBjWOoCt5
shards - LuSP9E2MR
gold coins - use NjCpQqLAe
gems - 7CC2tq7kb
materials - otXbEnlH9

Cubic Hero Arena use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hey, we were in the canyon just now. How did we suddenly come to this place? Summoner, where is our companion? Lux will obey your command. If you want to go back to your world, you must find the portal. You would be stuck here if the last portal shuts down. I will come with you, let's hurry up! The first battle is about to begin. In battle, allies and enemies will attack each other. Heroes are able to cast active skill every turn by cast. The cast of each heroes are different. Active skills are vital to win the game, please take note of cast.

Cubic Hero Arena Hack Basics trucos

Heroes: Rivet - front row agility DPS, good at dealing with enemy core agility heroes. Lich - wisdom DPS that attacks random target and gets stronger with fewer allies. Leora - might hero, AoE CC, unleashes unlimited power when attacked. Arbadon - might hero which provides AoE shield to all alies, heal allies, and is also hard to defeat. If the summoner feels that the combat speed is too slow, you can adjust the combat speed below. x2 - tap here to speed up combat.

enter cheat (Cubic Hero Arena gift codes):
upgrade trucos - oqVaPZjGZ
level up - F8qesLGx4
daily pack - enter pass B3zCeFJzn
admin account - i6AIx5fJG
Month Card x1 - U3vBpmvPb
booster pack - 34gPQdOUA
evolve - UKTbECM5p
enhance - khAmjbCf3
Level up your heroes can use the loot you just got. Tap Seneschal and check his stats. Tap level up to increase the power of the hero. Tap equip to equip the gear you have for your heroes. We should be stronger now. In battle, the order of the heroes' actions is determined by the speed stat. Seneschal became the hero with best speed after his new equipment.

Cubic Hero Arena Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Even you go offline, your five strongest warriors will continu to train and battle endlessly. Tap treasure chest to claim your auto battle loot. As you defeat more bosses, these rewards increase. level up heroes can use the auto loot your just got.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: legendary heroes, recruit x10, equipment, promotion, enhance, friendship points, shards, gems, materials
3. The summoner seems to have completed the promotion mission in conquest ladder. Hopefully, i can see you climb from bronze up to master! Auto hero XP, labyrinth gold, combat speed - these are the bonuses you get from being in the bronze division. Do your best, and you'll unlock 4x battle speed in no time. Quest list - below here you can see the pre requisite quests to reach a division. Complete all these and pass the promotion battle to reach a new division.
4. Single gathering is unlocked when you activate a hero in gathering. If you activate another hero, you can unlock double gathering at the same time. In the future, the summoner's heroes will continue to be promoted. After promotion, you can level up the stat increase effect of gathering.

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