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Game story

Chronicle of the exodus: solve the riddle of the galaxy's oldest artifacts and choose your side in the coming war. Features: non-linear plot. standard ship characteristics. Game is saved only at the beginning of the chapter. Random combat events are disabled. Greetings, commander! Our ship is called the Melistar, and you have been chosen to command it. A long flight among the stars is not an easy task, it requires a competent allocation of resources. All your resources are listed here. During each cycle, some resources are consumed, and some resources are mined by your workers bees. In the beginning of each cycle, you have to assign and distribute them among different tasks.

CyberHive Hack Basics trucos

Biomaterial - it's needed to produce new bees and to launch researches in the laboratory. Spare parts - they are spent on upgrading and repairing the ship. Crystals - your most important resource, the energy gelis produced from them. This is energy gel to feed the Queen of the hive and the workers bees. It is spent at the end of each cycle. The more bees in the hive, the more energy gel is needed. If it runs out, you will lose.

enter cheat (CyberHive gift codes):
upgrade trucos - ug6wA27Wr
level up - aWFfJTcP8
daily pack - enter pass 860FX7blE
admin account - p5TvYB2nq
Month Card x1 - Kdfa8So8T
booster pack - 4pbcYMJAV
evolve - 6d9rkCkhd
enhance - EuktuRGfZ
First, place the bees that are on the ship in different work areas. Be sure to send someone to the control room to explore new locations where resources may be found. Be sure to send someone to the honeycomb to recycle the crystals into energy gel. To make the bees, work more efficiently, the ship can be upgraded. Select one of the four scientific areas and then click the 'research' button. You still have unoccupied bees! Send them to the lab to make research be complete faster. This can be done using the ZR button.

CyberHive Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If the scouts in the control room find a location that has useful resources, they will report to you. But to get these resources, you need to send some bees there. Open the location window to get more information.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: biomaterial, space parts, crystals, research, resources, energy, workers bees, reputation, speed up
3. Please note: in one cycle, bees will transfer as many resource they can lift. Each cosmic location is available only for a few cycles.
4. Also, at the beginning of the cycle, some unexpected event may happen. A meeting with a friendly ship, contact with an unknown mind, disorder among the crew! You will need to decide how to proceed. By the way, from time to time you also will have to command a ship in battles.
5. When choosing an automatic battle, the average probability of the battle result will be calculated based on the strength of your force shield, the number of your missiles and how dangerous the enemy is. To know this, look at the class of the ship. Boats and launches are the weakest of opponents, dreadnoughts are the strongest. If you choose manual controls, you will defend the ship yourself.

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