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24 hour city protection - CLyIpv57t
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advanced teleport - Fd3l9KUO5
legend pack - BvrMmsiFM

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Game story

Since the dawn of mankind, the people on middle earth have been suffering from all kinds of wars. They believed in the Deities, who had promised to protect them. The Deities, instead of saving them, just desired the power of people's faith and breathed it greedily. The people were bound up in fetters of faith. At the same time the lackeys and hired ruffians were running amok on Middle Earth. What great Deities! Covers all manners of sins! Ashamed of having been their soldier. To guide people's way forward and pursuit of Liberty. Wake up, people! To fight to shake off your shackles.

Dark of Dark Hack Basics

The remaining forces of Deities are trying to fight back. And there are many unknown perils in this dark world. We must watch out for them. Including the native, the more soldiers we train the more food we need! We must build a Demon Orchard first. Do you want to form a powerful army? Build a darkwood forest first. Do you want to clear the monsters from the road for the security of our city? Build a drill ground first. We should not only focus on the city development, but also the resources we need. Want to get more resources? Kill the monsters first. The more soldier you dispatch, the more efficiency it will. We should recruit the powerful heroes to command your armies and exterminate them. We can use the recruitment scrolls in tavern to hire legions of powerful heroes.

Hint & Tips

1. Explore ancient ruins to find useful treasures.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gems, recruitment scrolls, legendary heroes, skill research, shards, speed up, resources, gold, vip 15, 24 hour city protection, stamina, advanced teleport, legend pack
3. Upgrade the infantry camp to unlock new infantry units. Upgrading your castle is crucial to your city's development. The castle is your empire's base of operations. Upgrade your castle to unlock new buildings and features.
4. Use alliance teleport to teleport near your leader so that you cna support each other and fight side by side.

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