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Startup package - use hack p4QUbFHb2
daily pack - enter pass 0JBcx7Deu
resources - 28rbN2GWL
premiums - M2c5IWCil
booster pack - UjIOretyY
speed up - eXU44vk3x
Month Card x1 - tTpxBMRLQ
dark materials - koJVWrZMs
daily gift bag x10 - yJmp7TZ67
premium turrets - c3Pooln3H
exclusive ships - jYIfQnZBz
instant research - F7MKPkpl0
upgrade - 9P15z1Eny
level up - 7uBHsRmqR

Dark Planets use cheats
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Game story

Produce metal resource that use almost every thing. Construct building in your planet. Ships and defense structures. There are very precious resources in our planet. We need facility buildings to collect them. Build a metal mine. Metal mine let you to drill deep of your planet and produce metal resource. Metal resource is mainly used for buildings, ships and turrets. Crystal mine treats rare crystals to make them useable. You can use crystal resource for any facility on your planet. You will need this resource in your researches. Boron is a hard to treat material. SO it produces more slower than the other buildings. Build a Boron mine. You use boron as fuel in any fleet action.

Dark Planets Hack Basics

Our planet is now producing resources regularly. However, we need much more resources to grow faster. There are many different resources in unknown point of universe. Before explore the universe, we should produce our own ships, build a shipyard. Shipyard's each level lets you to build more stronger ships also this buildings each level reduces your ship build time. Each ship has its own special feature. While in exploration, to carry resources we found we will need transport ships. Hunter, is a pawn ship that should be in your fleet. You may need them to protect your battleships. Now we can explore the universe. Explore an asteroid.

Hint & Tips

1. You can arrange expedition to exploration points that orbit of your planet. Expedition points give you carious rewards after you arrange them. There are many enemy fleets that you have to take care.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: Startup package, resources, premiums, speed up, dark materials, premium turrets, exclusive ships, instant research
3. To increase the amount of expedition you should upgrade explore technology. Each level of this technology gives you extra +1 expedition. Each planet has its own exploration level. You can Level up to earn more rewards from the explorations.
4. While exploration you can see alien fleets around of your planet. You should take care while attacking them. Make sure you have enough battle ship. You can see alien planets when you explore your planets orbit. They have more resources but you have to destroy more enemy ship.
5. Asteroids are very rare celestial bodies that you will see. These celestial bodies contains many different raw materials and dark materials. Make sure you sent enough transport ship. Debris show there was a battle and many ships got damage and left their behind rawmaterials. To collect them you can only use garbage collector ship.

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Dark Planets Redeem code - premium gift box

1. Ww6QPZXUl7HVtoH
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5. nE4rQSeJekwliAU
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