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Game story

A long time ago, in a faraway land once lived a man called Bran. One day, while he was into the woods looking for something to eat, he fell into a hidden hole. Without realizing, he was in an underground cave, from which he didn't know how to escape. Suddenly, he fell something biting him in his neck, knocking him out in a few seconds. When Bran woke up, he felt sick and strange and decided to go looking for some water. He found a small pond, but when he approached water discovered horrified that he didn't reflect on its surface.
Scared and lost, Bran started to notice some blood running out of the wound so he decided to escape from where he had fallen. However, as he touched the sunlight that filtered through the hole, he felt his skin burning. The sun had burnt his skin. When did he start to be allergic to the light? Bran was wounded and time was running against him. One thing was clear: he had to escape from there or would die soon.

Darkula A vampire story Hack Basics

Help Bran to get out of the cave. Swipe horizontally to move right or left. Be carefull, you must not touch light beams or you'll lose blood faster. Luckily, there is a way to avoid the light by making the time pass by pressing the top buttons; but beware, you'll lose some blood too. Later you'll be able to turn back time using the top left button. But doing so cna lead to unintended effects. As you've seen the cave's exit is locked. You'll find locks of several colors and their keys, which you'll have to get in order to progress.

Hint & Tips

1. Every step you take lose some blood. Take care because if you run out of it your journey will be over. But if you get stuck you can start again using the 'retry' button of the main menu.
2. To avoid that, you need to replenish the lost blood. Gather as many potions as you can during your adventure to continue alive.
3. Help Bran to get out of the castle, solve puzzles and get to the next level, break the curse before it's too late, will you save yourself?
4. Use cheat code, and give: stamina, resource, advance pill, star soul, instant march, general order, SSR general, general jade, gold, classic advance order
5. There are many new recruits in the city, they have urgent need of training. But violence is not the only way to win a campaign. Researching tech will strengthen our armies.

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