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Game story

Golem - this class is the Tank class of the game. Most of its skills are defensive. Element recommendation is Earth. They are also good at holding the enemies so the your companion and also you can beat the enemy before it runs away. Assassin - are good at dodging attacks. They have a way of fighting that deceives the enemy. They may not have too much health but it is hard to land a successful blow to them. Middle range fighting is appropriate for this class. Recommended element for this class is lightning. Archer - are long ranged classes, and they can eliminate the enemy without even seen to the enemy. Different elemental attributes are fine with this class. They don't have much health so they have to be sure that they dont take any damage.

Darx Unleashed Online Hack Basics

Dragon - ancestors of this class is among the strongest creatures in the world which are dragons. As there are dragons with different elements, this class can use any different elemental attribute. They have middle ranged skills and can summon interesting creatures. Eventually they become a dragon. Monks - have great reflexes, and the one who attacks them should know that they will have a strike back so monks are good at counter attacks. It is highly recommended that this class should be used with air attribute because most of its skills are using air element. Phoenix - this class is so magical as there is no seen phoenix in the world but rumors say that this class eventually become one. Phoenix known as its healing abilities, and its warm fire. It is hard to kill a phoenix as they reborn over and over again.

Hint & Tips

1.You can move by clicking. Map changing point - by going on it you can move to next map. In this case your X location will increase. You can see the total enemy level, total experience you gain if you win the battle and each enemy to battle from enemy screen.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: attack point, unlock skills, stat points, ability points, gem, chest, premium pro, coins, legendary weapon, success rate 100%, craft materials
3. Entering a battle with more than one player divides gained exp according to level and player number.
4. Battle: by clicking green spots you can choose your starting position. Green bar shows your health points. When it falls to 0 that means you are dead. When you die, you lose experience points. Orange bar shows the time left for end of your turn. If you are done with your turn, you cna pass turn by pressing pass turn button.
5. Each skill has an attack point cost of its own. If you are going to attack you should have enough attack point to make the attack. Each class have 21 skills that can be unlocked after reaching required levels to unlock them. Each skill can be leveled up until level 6.

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