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Dawn of Dynasty Game story

We are the [War Maidens], the inheritors of names and spirits of ancient generals from a dynasty long gone. Guided by our will reunite this land, we rise to battle once more! Only you, my honorable Lord, has the power to end the age of strife and discord. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Please choose your Faction: Cao Ren - Tiger and Leopard Cavalry, Lionhearted. Increases Cavalry ATK by 5%, Troop Training SPD by 5%, and Energy Recovery by 10%. You may be able to switch factions during the game.
Guan Ping - Repeating Crossbowman, Special Unit, Supremacy. Increases Archer HP by 5%, Troop training SPD by 5%, and Skill DMG by 5%.
Huang Gai - Danyang Soldier, Special Unit, Iron Fortress. Increase Infantry DEF by 5%, Troop Travel SPD by 5%, and Food Gathering SPD by 10%.
In this world, you will strive to become the best Lord in history and lead your people towards a future of glory and successes! You are the master of your own destiny, and your people await your orders! Play with the endless posibilities and you are endowed with: build your city, train your armies, and surround yourself with a variety of talented and experienced War Maiden! Under you watch, your City will flourish into the greatest Faction of all time. It's your chance to rewrite history, and be remembered by generations to come! Start your glorious journey now!

Dawn of Dynasty Hack Basics trucos

A king is needed to lead the nation. The land is barren, and people are desperate. Conflicts are everywhere... To save the kingdom, you must lead the War Maidens to the Eternal Land and ascend the throne. The first step is to get food for the starving people. For a peaceful world and people's wellbeing, please Construct a Field! Thank you, my lord, we have harvested tons of Food! Please keep helping your people and guide us to a brighter future! Please develop the City according to the Quest. Build a Scout Camp to manage your Scouts. Scout Camp - Unexplored territory is still hidden under Fog, send scouts to explore.

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We must train units to protect the people. Infantry - The infantry is one of the first military units to be established. The soldiers use sharp weapons to maximize lethality in close combat. Archer- As an early long-range unit, Archers used simple bows to attack bows to attack their enemies. They are very mobile, but the range and accuracy of their weapons are evidently lacking. Our army now have been expanded with a variety of soldiers! Next, to protect the City, we must make the City Wall together. We just recieved news from Fairy of Ninth Heaven that valiant heroes will arrive! We shall prepare for their coming! Finally, the ones that can accompany you to the Eternal Land have showed up! Now your journey to save the world truly begins.

Dawn of Dynasty Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. A wise strategy to gain War Maiden EXP is to defeat Bandits that loiter throughout the kingdom. You must first defeat the smaller, weaker Troops before you can progress to attacking Bandits of the next level. It looks like the Troop we dispatched isn't strong enough and will likely be defeated by the Bandits. Maybe we should train more Squards before launching an offensive against them?
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Dawn of Dynasty cheat code - give: speed up, resources, unlock buildings, premium wish, vip points, awakening pack, exclusive boost, food, lumber, stone, gold, stamina, instant research, VIP 17, soul gems
3. Lords can collect VIP Points once a day for free. The more days of consecutive logins, the more VIP Points you can collect. Increasing your VIP Leve; goves you all sorts of perks. This update takes 5 minutes. Using items to speed up construction would be a good idea.
4. You can construct an Alliance Hall to unlock more interactive Alliance features and allow fellow Alliance Members to help defend your City!
5. Each War Maiden has their own Talent, and they will receive a new Talent Point every 1 levels. You can assign Talent Points according to the War Maiden's traits and customize their development. Each General has their own uniwue skill. They each shine in different situations. After collecting enough War Maiden Soul Gems, you'll be able to upgrade War Maiden's skills here.
6. In addition, you can exchange Universal Soul Gems for Soul Gems of War maidens you have, and use them to upgrade skills. My lord, you will receive a variety of items in the game. You can find them here. The resource items here are protected and will not be taken by the enemy even if the City falls. Using items properly can help you develop quickly or recover from war. Under your wise leadership, our city has enjoyed a prosperous economy and rapid development. We will soon reach a new stage in our City's development. Once the Town Hall completes this upgrade, our City will develop into a Town!

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