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resource - h50LxJuUk
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craft materials - B11xxCAyA
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hero - 5NezWu3eg
skill - QtfHQj69n
equipment - d3hLyQiei

Dawn of Empires use cheats
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Game story

I'm so glad you're with us now! Together we're going to forge a great kingdom. We need resources for development. Let's start with building a farm that will provide us with food. Let's speed up construction to save time. Now it's time to claim a reward for work well done. Now that we produce our own resources, we need to store them somewhere. Let's build warehouse. We have a chest for you! According to legend, you alone can open it. I'm sure it contains something very important! Let me show you how to use items. You can always buy powerful upgrades in the store. The equipment form the case fits you perfectly. It will boost you if equipped.

Dawn of Empires Hack Basics

There are a lot of enemies around the castle. We better begin creating an army. Let's build barracks first. Check the barracks, valiant infantry are bursting for action, but the soldiers have no combat experience yet. Give the order to start training swordsmen. You need to build a magic library to develop your kingdom. It will allow you to perform research. Knowledge and power go hand in hand. Build a command HQ - it is necessary for sending units and accepting reinforcements. Producing resources at your own base isn't the only way to obtain them. There are lots of external resource sources and rich enemy bases beyond its boundaries. Volunteer training is complete, they're ready for new feats of courage. Let's send them to obtain resources. Your units have brought back some resources. The accounts of their military campaigns are kept in reports that you can view anytime.

Hint & Tips

1. To play with friends, you can join one of the existing alliance or create your own. After you join your first alliance, you will get gems.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: starter pack, gems, speed up, resource, research, craft materials, vip points, hero, skill, equipment
3. Advantages of playing in an alliance: free construction and research boost/ supporting alliance members in battles. Attack or defense bonuses for your units gifts from alliance members.
4. Use the Vip advantages to boost your power. The higher your status, the more privileges you get. To earn VIP points, log into the game every day. Your first login per day will count towards the streak, as long as you don't miss a single day. The longer the streak, the more vip points you will get.

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