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encrypted token - use cSQpLxdy0
off ads - 3rDqw8Upu
secret combination - JWEVKTU8L
character recruitment x10 - yDWhQE30w
double rewards - lUovQhb5A
rank up - 9g7QiLbuI
equipment - 7yhmuwuXO
resources - KnO3gUYQ3
starter package - 88B4b5OFG
admin panel - ilWrWiyyI
gold coins - ZTqV774Lt
artifact - use YUjX9ABsl
fragments - vVyOGaa2b
diamonds - leJ3Yjg3D
speed up - gEjyob32M
skins - A9rhe9cUX

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Game story

Enemy look like they're going to attack. What do we do? Once we take them down, this world will belong to the Syndicate. Looks like we only have one option left - send them back where they came from. The battle between the justice league and the crime syndicate had shaken the temple. But the arrival of ultraman accelerated the fall of this world, his overwhelming power ended the battle. The temple is about to collapse. If you still have any special back up plans, now is the time to use them.

DC Worlds Collide Hack Basics trucos

A branch of S.T.A.R labs - the unique magnetic field in this area can prevent the crime syndicate from tracking us down temporarily. Once we reactivate the back up power, the lab will automatically carry out the reorganization operation. Battle controls: when a character's avatar moves to the end of the action bar, that character will automatically start attacking. One energy block will be generated each time a character attacks. 5 blocks grant 1 energy. Energy can be used to cast ultimates.

enter cheat (DC Worlds Collide gift codes):
upgrade trucos - paK7re0VF
level up - Gsl3j39WR
daily pack - enter pass qrJFMsz58
admin account - BFqn8LVBK
Month Card x1 - uRrRgwSz5
booster pack - uQaRpzVjS
evolve - 3AFyTiNJr
enhance - qpRRWCl4G
We'll need to recruit more allies. But the Crime Syndicate has taken control of the global communications network. Don't tell me you're planning to use telepathy to recruit more allies? It is exactly because they have control of the global communications network so we will need to use a tech aid that is not controlled by them. This is also why the next step to our plan is to pybass the Crime syndicate's surveillance and locate the mother box. S.T.A.R. labs developed a type of encrypted token. It can communicate with the frequency of the mother box and create a temporal dimensional space which opens the Boom tube and recruit allies for use.

DC Worlds Collide Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If the power core is activated when we start the lab, then the power that is being produced should be able to power up the rooms. Try construction a strategy room - gain character experience here. These rooms can continue to provide us with supplies.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter DC Worlds Collide cheat code - give: encrypted token, character recruitment x10, rank up, resources, gold, diamonds, fragments, speed up, equipment, skins
3. The bad news is we have run out of construction space. If we want to obtain more resources, we'll need to think of a way to expand the underground area. About this, we might have a ready - made solution. Dr. Stone once mentioned about a type of material - magnicant. It can counteract the magnetic field in the lower levels and is the only building material that can be used to expand the underground area. S.T.A.R labs has bases all over the world. Let's hope we'll be able to recover some magnicant in those bases.
4. Batman's attack power is higher and is suitable for taking out difficult enemies.
5. Remember, the right use of EXP and items will allow you to greatly enhance the battle power of your characters.

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