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enhance - use MTcIsNt7R
materials - IYUvpgwgC
secret combination - ouU1NXowb
gene - OGHsnZBOA
double rewards - jxrwPKLvc
gear - sG4TPTmZf
talents - VQhHfh86k
search mode, - t9foTk8Sf
bio component - nEuIp1vpZ
diamonds - k9J5J6lok
admin panel - WdMjNos3W
cash - b03sy2xZe
location map - QFQhnCVlI
medals - YcDl4ATLL
weapon - yad8n3QZT

Defend Or Destroy use cheats
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Game story

Twenty-five years ago, an unknown object hit Earth, but it was blown up by a large man-made bomb. By spreading BF virus and protein-related materials, zombies and mutations destroy human consciousness. Now people have to live in a wall world, and beyond the wall, there's no one who can stay alive.
The sound of the vehicle explosion attracted a large number of walkers, directing Eric to defeat the walkers to protect Charles. Then defeat the leader of the militants who is not very strong, and take Charles with him to escape from the desert road. You will meet some NPCs in the battle group, and clicking on them will accept some quests. Characters: Eric - superior knife skills, wielding a huge combat knife of incredible weight, will become unbearably furious when fighting with zombies.

Defend Or Destroy Hack Basics trucos

Skills: Air break Chop - quickly swing four sword Qi, each sword Qi to all enemies in front of 0,8 * attack power point physical damage, the fourth sword Qi will be converted to real damage. Assaulter - Karl fires a submunition that splits into 6 shells, dealing 0,20 * attack points of physical damage each time. Area bombing - Coulson fires a wide area in front of him to suppress fire for 2 seconds, each enemy will take 2*attack points of physical damage, the weapon will not overheat during the skill.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - EENRSHaBH
level up - TJVlLV0a3
daily pack - enter pass KbZxeTRTX
admin account - 0VaEkXA6f
Month Card x1 - OciNc0m7s
booster pack - SkvmP4fbD
evolve - N9JHuv2ep
enhance - xdaz0ltOc
Did you know: click on both the hero character and the avatar to release skills. If a walker and a hero are separated by a barrier, it will be difficult for the hero to hit the walker. Heroes standing on high ground will not be attacked by melee. Newbie guide will get one diamond for every zombie he crashes.

Defend Or Destroy Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Through the team announcement, survivors outside the team can learn more about consultation.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: enhance, materials, gene, gear, talents, search mode, bio component, diamonds, cash, location map, medals
3. Activator potion - used as an activator for the mutated. One of the materials needed for ascending the mutated.

Defend Or Destroy Hack tools Version:


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1. 0Jr8yqfOmgOsygt
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5. rlf19jwSPNzr85k
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9. XQvs1bnHgtjd5sL
10. lbM7HbGmRYOs4uM
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