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Defense Derby Game story

You've returned! We've been protecting the Castle as you've ordered, my lord. Now, it is time to join forces. Please lead us! Defend your Castle against the Creeps longer than opponents to win. Defender scout has started. The player that offers the highest amount of chips will obtain the Defender card. A Defender of Human Race like Leon has been proposed. You can guard the Castle better if you place it next ti Leon. When the scouts starts, check the Avg. Offer. It will be helpful. Now, try offering 6 Derby Chips. Place the scouted Defender in the Castle. Placed Defenders attack the Creeps that pass by.

Defense Derby Hack Basics trucos

My lord, Human Race Synergy is currently being applied. Allow me to explain Race Synergy in detail. When units of the same Race are placed next to each other, their ATK increases by 30%. The creep is too strong. It's time to apply type synergy! When you place Physical Type units in a straight line, Type Synergy will be applied. Placing units of the same Type in a straight line increases their ATK by 60%. Rifleman has appeared again. Combine the same Defenders to make it stronger. Combine Tier 2 Rifleman in the deck and the placed Tier 2 Rifleman.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - o2noL3vJ1
level up code - Xts1mpfKh
daily pack Defense Derby cheat - enter pass wdJUHl82Q
admin account - v0cpY5iK1
Month Card x1 - V4uHzvWeV
booster pack - qbTVnZze6
evolve - LMqIKsQ4E
enhance - fhqhNI9yb
My lord, if you kill the Creeps first, the Creeps attacking other Castles will go berserk and inflict great damage. Don't forget to receive the rewards of completed quests! They are yours for the taking, my lord. Welcome to the League. Win Ranked battles and conquer the Kingdom! If you fail to scout, you will receive I Cannon Tower and Derby Chips offered along with 20% of the chip you offered as a bonus. Don't worry. Even if you fail to scout, the Chips you offered will all be returned. When units of the same race are placed adjacent to each other, race synergy occurs. (Ruler: 8 directions/Defender: 4 directions).

Defense Derby Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Overload - Increases Gruvo's Atk Speed by 100% for 3 sec and deals chain damage 5 times.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Defense Derby cheat code - give: gold, chest, key, materials, tokens, recipe, weapon, gears, artifact, unlock skills, increase stats, parts, restore HP
3. Aim Shot - Increases Crit Chance of all Defenders by 10%.
4. Aella - is considered to be the best mercenary in the wilderness due to her precise bow skills and sharp eyes that see her prey. She is only interested in hunting requested targets and requires money to hunt.When a rift with a scale that had never been seen before occured, many kingdoms joined forces and hired her as a mercenary.
5. Merham - Half-human Merham was born with the blood of the legendary creep Proud. From a young age, he was treated like a monster and had ill feelings toward humans. But after meeting his teacher, Shen Paul, he was able to heal his mental scars by receiving affection. Since then, he, as an archmage, has been teaching magic that emphasizes actual combat.
6. Nalyn - is the child of the ancient sacred tree Nyrel who has been linking the human and spirit dimensions in blessing for a long time. She takes the lead in keeping the peace to uphold Nyrel's will and uses the nutrients of the sun and the earth flowing through her body to heal the sick and damaged nature as well as injured living beings.

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