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Deity Arena hack cheat code List

avatar - use SFKF7ej4J
off ads - y7MPPbaFr
secret combination - MAeqJNQIo
gold - JxJsdNU6m
double rewards - npaFKxItJ
unlock characters - uTey3MU5x
shard - ZiO59DKvx
skins - pmyszzSwR
starter package - TRdtLlxEw
admin panel - KvjBnvoZM
restore health - y1mVeqrus
weapons - use tKgZfRlRC
equipment - QEXmcJMXw
skill points - 5fJTMY4TZ
promote - use DQQIFaUDK
treasure chest - ucUkKKOsZ
speed up - 87VIw6Nwo

Deity Arena use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

This is a turn based strategy game where you need to outsmart your opponent with your moves. Both warriors have 10 seconds to pick a spot in the game area. Double tapping a grid means that place is your final decision and stops the countdown for you. Attack advantage swaps between warriors each turn. Under the timer, you can check what will be your stance next turn. Damage amplifier skill increases your damage by 50% for 3 rounds. Use it wisely.

Deity Arena Hack Basics trucos

Armors absorb damage from the incoming attacks. Select armor piercing skill to hit your opponent's health directly. It has low damage but has no range restrictions. Each round 6 skill runes spawn and they vanish after their second turn. Red are offensive skills which directly damages your opponent, and the rest are buffs which helps your combat tactic. You can read the tooltip of each item once you select it. Now select Haste o get movement freedom for 3 rounds.

enter cheat (Deity Arena gift codes):
upgrade trucos - er7B3HREC
level up - lnUSu9pwY
daily pack - enter pass Tf5zEh2s9
admin account - DooJzbAJB
Month Card x1 - XEcPO8mdI
booster pack - O8efa4odv
evolve - ZJ2ywQURH
enhance - bopFFX8dR
Your opponent used his ultimate skill to stop you. Your ultimate grants you instant critical hit with damage bonus, now you have movement advantage, activate your ultimate and pick area damage to corner your opponent. Root means you are unable to move for that turn. Don't forget to recover your health, root can be game changed if you catchet by low health. Move to health skill to recover your wounds.

Deity Arena Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Melee is the most damaging skill if you can catch your opponent. It's 3x3 are makes it harder to land but it can end to game if you can guess your opponent's next move.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Deity Arena cheat code - give: gold, avatar, unlock characters, skins, restore health, weapons, equipment, skill points, promote, treasure chest, speed up
3. Characters: Erlik - hero's damage multiplies by his enemy's missing health. Each ultimate stat increases his bonus damage. Atlacoya - gets 100% critical chance and +25% critical damage bonus for 1 turn. Each ultimate stat increases critical damage bonus by 8%. Wang - deals 25 pure damage. Each ultimate stat increases damage by 5.

Deity Arena Hack tools Version:


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