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Game story

Welcome to the base mothership. We were brought into an unknown world by the chronostorm. We must send out a team to explore the area. Please get ready for battle. We're very weak at the moment. Use purification spar to recruit heroes to expand our units. Advanced purification has a greater chance to gain heroes. Tap on the hero to adjust the lineup. Tap on the empty slot to select the hero to deploy.

Deity Arena Mobile Hack Basics

Use the hero's skill to deliver the attack. You can submit the quest after you have cleared the stage. Select EXP scroll to perform level up. The hero at protection slot will evenly spread their own stats to the deploying heroes. You can gain main character by logging in on the next day Horcrux growth pack. Reach the top rank. bring out your best look. Fight the epic Campaign. After ran up, you can greatly boost the team stats and there will be a change in appearance. You may perform advancement after star level maxes out.

Hint & Tips

1. Each starvein features different functions. Select the Starvein to view the details.
2. Enhancement skill can increase the skill strength. Skill level must keep up with the hero's level to be powerful.
3. DEF type hero is suitable to be placed in the front row of the formation. You may adjust the position based on the hint.
4. Use cheat code, and give: gold, gems, emerald hummer, advanced scroll, ssr hero, shards, stamina, skill points, temporal essence, legendary EXP scroll, star up, hero skin, war machine, treasure fortune, resource reserve, platinum combo, path of awakening, path of luck, pet giftbox, Goddess temple.


Warlord of Qin Bai Qi - the famous general of Qin, the representation of the military strategists. He led the army of Qin for 30 years, conquering 70 and more cities from the six kingdoms, eliminating millions of enemy. He laid a great foundation for the unification of China. He is bestowed with the title of the lord of Wuan.
Poseidon - the god of sea in ancient Greek mythology. One of the 12 main gods of Olympus. He is aslo the elder brother of Zeus, the little brother of Hades. Some say that he rode a golden chariot steered by white horses and gave the very first horse to the humans.
Anubis - the Grim reaper of ancient Egypt and Mythology, the guardian of the dead in the journey to the afterlife. She is also responsible for weighing the heart of the dea, determining whether the dead is Qualified to enter the afterlife.

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