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Demise of Nations Game story

Europe, Summer 337BC - It's the beginning of Rome. Carthage to the south is expanding. The Greeks to the east are in decline. Enemies are all around. Now is the time to raise or fall. May the battles begin! Note: Your resources are limited. Please make sure to setup trade for wood, iron and stone to have a steady amount for future spending. This is a wargame, so select the Ligurians and let's start a war! Press the button to initiate your declaration of war! Now that we are at war, let's use your swordsmen to attack the Ligurians! This is your ruler (with the rotating sword). The ruler offers a +100% defense bonus. However, if you lose your ruler, you will lose the game. Make sure to protect your ruler at all cost! Let's equip your ruler with offense capabilities! Click one more time to enter the extras menu! Select the button to equip your ruler with offense capabilities!

Demise of Nations Hack Basics trucos

Let's move the horseman closer to help in combat. We can use transport ships to do so. Select the transport to move the horsemen into the ship. Now select the ship to move it. Move it to the beach again, so we can unload the horsemen. Double-click the transport ship to unload the horsemen. We need more troops to attack. Let's build some in Rome! Hastati - are strong against mounted units. Defense bonus when encamped. Your nation will need wood to build troops. Let's build a lumberyard. Areas to build lumberyards are specially marked. Your nation will need stone to build and repair structures. Let's build a quarry. Each city allows you to build additional structures within. Those structures allow you to e.g. build swordsmen and mounted troops. Let's have a look at Rome. Press the button to view your city!

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Let's build another city estate such as a blacksmith. In return we can build swordsmen in the city! Select the build button for the structure to create. E.g. select the blacksmith to later build swordsmen in the city! The blacksmith allows production of close combat troops. Pushing the "?"-buttons gives you additional info of what the various variables mean. Push the button to actually create the building. There are various decrees you can enact which influence your population growth and happiness. Your income and expense chart. You only receive taxes and levies if happiness is greater than 50% for a settlement. Happiness can be adjusted by the levies you demand. In addition, happiness can be influenced for each city individually also via decrees.

Demise of Nations Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The pricing history for all the items available to purchase and sale. Other player's trades will influence the market.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Demise of Nations cheat code - give: all resources, speed up, money, action points, happiness, research, wood, iron, stone, premium troop,s multiplayer mode, gift box, unlock civilizations, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. The game is played in turn-based WEGO, so only after you finished your entry can you see how your actions actually turned out.
4. All games are saved automatically and you can continue them at anytime where you left off including this tutorial mission.
5. Troop tansports are capable of transporting land units. Peasants are cheap to maintain but weak in combat. Garrison are great for defending settlements and preventing revolts. The garrison cannot conquer new territory.
6. The barracks enable production of basic troops including spearmen. The tavern allows recruitment of mercenaries and pagan priests.
7. Saggitarii are Roman archers which are strong at range but weak in close combat. Principes are strong against projective units.

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