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Departing Terra hack cheat code List

sollarium - use hack MQHghDMP4
daily pack - enter pass ZUdnbGWkU
alloy - AMR1fQuu2
ebot - ktY7wGXVJ
booster pack - gewabAI6L
u-coins - oSc0FNsbC
Month Card x1 - wujDEqGwH
speed up - J9bTVHpzS
daily gift bag x10 - 1SjqZCGKv
secret combination code - l0UteBRfy
rank points - eYm0DTVAP
materials (polimer, thorium) - tPJU4yT2H
lunacard - WsI1j38Rt
upgrade - Rneq5qH21
matrix energy - VTuJdjxva
blueprint chip - rWrp00dXh
warship materials IV - VCrmjKpdU
annihilator battle paint - GG73osSpe
oracle battle paint - s9JwbwMil
crusader battle pait - 7zl8zw2Tb

Departing Terra use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to Federal station, i'm this station's eBot. Captain, you are here because of the rebel threat, right? They destroyed this station. We need to get it repaired at once and track them down! Alert, the Terran Federation has located rebels within the Sagan cluster and are asking for reinforcements. We need to repair our hangar at once in order to send reinforcements. Deploy units on a launchpad and they will be able to launch during battle. Destroy enemy colony ship to claim victory. Occupied systems will produce resources over time. Remember to come back and collect them.

Departing Terra Hack Basics

Command center - determines the development of your entire station. Hangar - stores all of your warships, that are on standby. Launchpads within your hangar will automatically replenish your squads if you have enough additional ships. Upgrade your hangar to increase its warship capacity. Light starport - produce light warships within your light starport. Solarium depot - affects how much solarium cna be stored at your station. Solarium recovered from the rebels' wreckage has been transported to your station. Use it to upgrade your buildings and colony ship. We'll also need solarium and alloy to develop our station. Dispatch your colony ship to the nearby asteroid belt to begin mining resources. Colony ships are massive ships used for strategic defense and resource collection. You may install turrets on your colony ship and deploy warships to strengthen its defenses. You never know when you'll be attacked in the cold void of outer space.

Hint & Tips

1. Radical rebels - occupy rebel planets and fight for control to earn resources and warship materials.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: sollarium, alloy, ebot, u-coins, speed up, rank points, materials (polimer, thorium), lunacard, matrix energy, blueprint chip, warship materials IV, annihilator battle paint, oracle battle paint, crusader battle pait
3. PvP Skirmish - fight against other captains from all over the galaxy. Win to increase your rank and plunder their resources.
4. Unterstellar battle - worldwide players sign up for massive 20v20 team battles. Both teams fight for land and planet resources in the same cluster until the only one is left standing.
5. Galactic conquest - all alliance members complete against other alliances for control over quadrants and resources. Complete for territory until the final victor is decided.

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Departing Terra Redeem code - premium gift box

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