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Desert Conquests Game story

Oh, wanderer, leave the gold or your life! Choose one. Give you this city! What a nice castle they occuped! Bilal, let's have a look in the city. Hope there are alot of food in the city. It seems the Sultan forgets the pain of loosing the city. You can increase your power quickly, but the price is your destiny! You always has a quick eye on the military! Let's get started! These are the rewards for your hard working, you can get EXP from here. I feel so good about this power, but I prefer to having companions. It's time to build a army, my people are waiting outside the barrack. Let them arm themselves to be the bravest warrior.

Desert Conquests Hack Basics trucos

Train more troops to become the qualified warriors to protect you and your land. There are 4 kinds of troop: Infantry, archer, cavalry and siege engine. Now you can only train infantry which is effective against archer in battle. So train more companions, take your times to train. By the way, you can upgrade the building to save time when you are training troops. We found some imperial guards of Byzantium in the city, they are fleeing in all directions and plundering our food.

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So, recruit some troops, move! You can dispatch the commander with your troops to increase the attacking power, also you can recruit more troops. Now we have hospital and Trade Guide; The hospital is a place where to heal our wounded troops; The Trade Guide is place where to produce silver. I found the world is not peace when I out gather resources. Many armored merchants from Tokharoi, India and Egypt, they are wierd, not like merchants. There is a space called Crusade Gate, it has the ability of strengthen hero's power. Let those 2 heroes go into battle!

Desert Conquests Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. We can exchange you for a numorous bounty from the Byzantium.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Desert Conquests cheat code - give: resources, speed up, vip status, increase attribute, evolve, skills, troop scroll, materials, score chest, gold, silver, unlimited energy, stamina
3. Tap the arrow to the next battle. Our heroes will get EXP when we have victory. Upgrade their levels with these EXP. We can also get trophies to equip the hero to enhance their strength. Keep going, you can recruit new hero in the next round, come on!
4. Bilal has more damage this time, we should give him the gear to increase his attributes.
5. In addition, you may have a chance to get the magic chest when you won. The chest may contain gem, gear material and troop scroll, etc.
6. Common chest - A small amount of gol, Tier 1 Troop scroll, Lv 1-15 Material. You can find treasures in the chest to enhance power. So please loot chest as more as you can.
7. Wood, stone, iron and silver are all essential to build the land. Make sure to build the related buildings. The world is in chaos now, the key point is to enhance our power. Follow this quest, I believe we will become stronger soon.
8. Now is up to you to rule this territory. You can check the Overview when you don't know what to do. Take part in the event can increase your power. Manney Sultan, let me intoduce the leadership talent to you! There are two kinds: Internal and Military. You will get leadership point when the leadership upgraded. Upgrade the talent with these points.

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