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Game story

Welcome, master! I am Gecute, and i will be tending to your needs. Allow me to explain to you the basics of battle. Looks like the enemy has started summoning, please go ahead and begin your own summon. Minions advance toward you to attack. You are defeated should you lose all your health. At the instant you dispatch an enemy minion, your own starts moving toward the opponent. In other words, you can tip the scales in your favor by defeating minions as quickly as possible.

Destiny Child Defense War Hack Basics

Master, now try fusing. Fusing two childs summons a more powerful one. Besides fusing, you can also power up a unit. Some hero can use special abilities when fusing. Fusing childs summons a random one with an extra star. Try tapping its portrait. Skills are powerful, but their costs increase with each use. A powerful minions has appeared, you can use your cheats codes to help your destiny child in battle. Winning a match earns you a victory bag. One of your childs is ready to level up. Leveling up makes the child become stronger. As you level up, you earn mastery points. You can gain different abilities using mastery points. Skills sharing a line can be toggled on and off freely. Experiment with different skills to find out which ones best suit your needs.

Hint & Tips

1. Fight legion bosses to earn legion coins, and consume in the legion shop. Clear boss levels to earn large gem rewards.
2. Entering a new arena activates a bag booster.
3. Power up your characters when the opponent seems to have the upper hand. Get stronger by powering up childs or fusing them for more stars.
4. Leveling up a hero permanently increases their strength. You earn a mastery point for every account level up.
5. Each different boss attacks with its own unique skills.


Detective girl - a rather young detective equipped with a gun and unwavering resolve. She swears on her grandmother's grave that she will get to the bottom of every investigation. Damage:100; attack target - leading minion.Eshu - swift as wind. Can perform rapid attack. Becomes even faster with every additional star. Damage 30, attack speed 0,6 secs.Pom - pummel opponents with swift relentless and random attack. Damage 42, speed 0,33 secs.Jeanne d'Arc - blasts multiple enemies away at a time with her massive Bazooka. more stars means larger splash range.

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