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equipment - use OJbWuDfit
costume - IAtQKRlmy
secret combination - EN4cGmng7
EXP potion - js9p41j5m
double rewards - Rhw38DIqe
gold coins - 4UnC3cE39
grade up - 4eZfmqGhZ
growth stones - q3v0CWak1
promote - NoEbeSkvT
admin panel - lMF5S7Ec5
enhance - RqZ8bn575
socket - use astuvxgaY
jewels - nOGLXjAb8
rune - use a937UGBOT
soulstones - 41wwvR3J6
skip ticket - kr9mIaYiS
diamonds - XCmZsEVGb
legend box - DWO3alxgp
red stone - 26WsNd053
grade SS hero summon scroll - tRlEOsMq4

Devil Book use cheats
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Game story

There was a special library at the end of dimensional horizon. It was a place to keep books called ' the book of destiny', that spoke of the heroes' destinies. However, evil demons attacked the library. The library was ruined, and the books were scattered to other dimensions. In order to correct the twisted destinies of the heroes, the books must be found. Let's start our adventure. Tap the screen to move Jino. Tap the monster to attack. You got new equipment as the quest reward. Now, Jino can equip the equipment. Tap the menu button. Select the equipment tab to oben the gear inventory. Auto equip button makes the hero to equip the most suitable equipment automatically. Now we will be back to the adventure!

Devil Book Hack Basics trucos

Touch the current ongoing quest, and the quest will proceed automatically, so you can play comfortably. To level up equipment, you need other equipment or equipment growth stones. If you press the level up button after selecting the material, the equipment will becomes stronger. And about growth stone, it can be purchased at the store or can be obtained from the dungeon boss. Once the material is selected, tap the level up button. Your equipment will level up.

enter cheat (Devil Book gift codes):
upgrade trucos - ShZDopEFU
level up - brlwhAbQs
daily pack - enter pass 2q3FcEiv4
admin account - 2osoV8ewO
Month Card x1 - HBODy2grB
booster pack - ooyG3H1VU
evolve - e0U8kyUN9
enhance - U9Hg1hlKw
Now i will teach you how to promote the equipment. First, tap the menu button. Select the item in the bag. Tap the item enhance button. In order to promote the weapon to the next grade, the equipment have to reach maximum level first. Select the promote menu. The equipment material have to be same grade and same part with the promotion target. Promotion's increases the basic stat of the equipment. Also, the stat option of the promotion target and material is combined. The promotion adds the material equipment's option stat to the promote target. Tap the auto equip button to quickly equip the promoted equipment.

Devil Book Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Challenge the daily dungeons and get jewels. If you need material to level-up the equipment, try challenging the boss dungeon.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: equipment, costume, EXP potion, grade up, growth stones, enhance, promote, socket, jewels, rune, gold coins, soulstones, skip ticket, diamonds, legend box, red stone, grade SS hero summon scroll
3. You can see the stat changes of the grade change. Also, you can check the soulstone amount required to be the next grade.
4. Hero can become stronger through the bonus point. The bonus point can be obtained from hero level up and grade up.

Devil Book Hack tools Version:


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