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Dice Quest use cheats
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Game story

The dice kingdom is under siege by the dark lord and his followers. Fortunately, King Allan managed to escape and is now hiding deep in the forest of dice kingdom. On the way to aid the King, you are ambushed. I'm afraid i have some bad news. The black knight has been spotted deep within the forest of kingswood. For many years, he has sworn loyalty to the dark lord. As far as we know, he is plotting to gather some strong forces and destroy our little village. Track him down and put an ened to his evil schemes. Basics: rolling a 6 will activate your special ability and add 3 damage to your attack. I see you gained some experience during battle. Why don't you go to the castle and i will show you something neat. Look at you in your shiny upgraded armor. This will make you less vulnerable in battles. Want to see for yourself? Sure thing!

Dice Quest Hack Basics

I see you brought dice from the battle? Lets put them to good use. While the gold dice can produce coins, the tool dice can produce other resources. Let's build a lumber mill - supplies the town with wood. Drag tool dice to the lumber mill to convert tools to wood. The lumber mill can be upgraded to produce more wood per tool. We need wood to construct and upgrade buildings in our village. We should upgrade the gold mine before using the dice. Now, the gold mine produces twice as much gold as before. You'll need a stronger weapon to defeat the black knight. To do so, we must upgrade the armory. Your weapon strength is added to your attack damage. Now you know the importance of armor and strength in battle. Keep leveling up to get more of it.

Hint & Tips

1. You will need spells if you wish to defeat the dark lord. But we need to upgrade the castle before we can build a wizard's tower - the home of Jasper the wizard. This is where he experiments and develops new spells. Spells can be used in battle to improve your chance of winning. Upgrade the wizard's tower to unlock new exciting spells.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resources, mana, speed up, reroll, leve up, upgrade, gold, gems, vip, legendary hero, unlock territory, evolve
3. Skills: cleave - deal your total damage to all enemies. Stun - stun you enemy for 1 turn. Rage - deal 5 extra damage. Bloodlust - if you kill an enemy during your turn, you get another turn.
4. At the start of every turn you will gain 1 mana point. Use mana points to activate powers. Remember you have 1 free reroll each turn.

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